Difficult Pool Cut Shot – Frozen to the Rail

Difficult cut shot on a standard size UK 8Ball Table by hitting the cusion first using (on this occasion due to the positioning of the balls but it will vary depending upon the position) low left hand side on the cue ball. The impossible cut shot explained

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  1. GetMeThere1 says:

    An easy shot with inside English. I guess it looks fantastic in the UK because people are used to making snooker shots…

  2. italiombiano says:

    im gonna post a harder one tomorrow 🙂

  3. CanduterioCS says:

    Good shot , not too hard but nice 🙂

  4. sexpistolsdaz says:

    it is far FAR harder on a UK table than a USA 9ball table u should no

  5. GetMeThere1 says:

    Really? Is a UK “pool” table is laid out differently than a US pool table? It’s hard to tell from the vid, in which the lighting is low. Are the pockets rounded–like snooker pockets? In American pool tables, the angles of the pockets are straight/flat, not rounded.

    I know that in snooker the pockets are rounded AND smaller. On this table the pockets look about the same size as US pockets, but if they’re rounded like snooker pockets that would make it harder…

  6. sexpistolsdaz says:

    yeah it is a completely different table, you have to be 100% accurate with your shots and you cannont “cheat” the pocket in any way, it has the same pockets as a snooker table in that sense. On a 9ball table the pockets are alot bigger and really its a different game completely to 8ball pool on a UK table.

  7. GetMeThere1 says:

    Thanks for the info. I learned something.

  8. edwardvanhalen123456 says:

    haha, dude cmon thats nothing

  9. TumiBigC says:

    wut?!? difficult shot? yea, i can see it if youre drunk.. otherwise.. it’s a pretty much everyday shot…

  10. ProdigyKimXP says:

    This isn’t a video to post to show that you can do it. It’s a difficult shot, but uploading it like this is somewhat useless. Tutorials for beginners would be more appropriate, but this video is designed to show-off a skill that really isn’t that impressive.
    All pool players hit those shots

  11. ShitU2 says:

    left english much?

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