Dennis Hatch v Adam Smith at Super Billiards Expo

Dennis Hatch v Adam Smith at Super Billiards Expo from the FREE LIVE stream produced by Spheragon. Commentary is provided by Jerry Briesath and Joey Aguzin.

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  1. Billiardfan5 says:

    What a useless comment.

  2. pcdoctorjosh says:

    Thanks for the video Insidepoolmag, please post more game match’s.

  3. orko119 says:

    nice game, glad to see the whole game. some nice safe’s played on this one.

  4. Billiardfan5 says:

    Btw 5/5

  5. poolgirl85 says:

    great match! thanks for the post! Please post more

  6. stevensblake says:

    I think we need to see more pool on T.V. ( at least i can watch it anytime on youtube) but to get more people in the sport it needs to be brodcasted, Adam simth is the best pool player and we need to see him more!!!! i got the honor to meet Adam and he is a great person and most of all a great champion!

  7. pigdisposal says:

    How in the SH*& is adam smith “the best poolplayer”? never even seen him before and what im seeing is alot of mistakes

  8. ducky811 says:

    Dennis Hatch….along with Scott Frost, Shannon Daulton, Luc Salvas, Thomas Engert, Shawn Putnam and Rodney Morris are all my favs….and they are all LEFTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 2DollarPistols says:

    Thanks for posting these ‘live streams’, InsidePOOLmag. They’re really enjoyable. I also love Joey Aguzin’s soothing commentary, he’s doing a great job. I especially love the “Hmmm mmm’s”. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  10. zeldapara says:

    wahah i suck at billiard now i see this xD

  11. pigdisposal says:

    just dont think about playing like dennis, hes one of the most feared $ players in the east. watching him play might make even a great player feel unconfident because he makes pool look decievingly easy. word!

  12. tommy9927 says:

    I wonder how this Adam Smith guy can run a rack with a grip he has.
    Should grab the cue 5 inches further back for a better swing.

    Still great match, Hatchetman is my new idol after MC ’09. So emotional

  13. vmaske says:

    bustamante too, then?

  14. madisonhack says:

    I grew up on pool in Jerry’s “Cuenique Billiards” during the seventies. Great teacher, great player.

  15. perfectshot77 says:

    Just play who makes the last ball on the table wins just leave the 10 ball down in all situations. The 10 ball is no longer a win you have to run all the balls every game, if the 10 ball combo doesn’t lead to a win because you lose the object ball in the process don’t shoot it just like any other combo that doesn’t necceseraly lead to a win unless your lucky.

  16. perfectshot77 says:

    If your absolutely tired of not seeing enough billiards on ESPN make a complaint. Here’s where you make the complaint go to: ESPN feedback.

  17. forlyfebmx says:

    i agree with pig!!! this is awful playing thats why i have never heard of them either…..

  18. lumpyman100 says:

    @forlyfebmx you recon you can do better?

  19. MariusMMS says:

    this is really relaxing actually. the commentary and that stuff, it’s just soothing, kind of.

  20. SeniorRonson says:

    Diamond tables are the best on the planet, not easy but the best. The equipment has improved so much in the last 20 years it’s amazing. I wish Diamond would sponsor me with a table! 😉

    Amazing safety here at 1:13:51 , and then a great jump to get out of it. Not much commentary but I was shocked. Adam Smith is amazing with that jump cue.


    met Adam at a tournament, really nice guy……..

  22. porkchomp says:

    @forlyfebmx Dennis Hatch? You mean the Masconi Cup MVP? Probably a no-name.

  23. RayHusted says:

    @forlyfebmx dennis hatch is one of the top 3 feared money players in the world…

  24. skaterdudeguyperson says:


  25. TryHonesty0717 says:

    ray. that is total bs. shane and all the filipinos would play him.

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