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Cyril Takayama — He can get a lot of cash and hot chicks at the billiard table with this over the top tricks. This is for Cyril fan that has not seen it from Hyperspace Magic Under Impact! III episode.

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  1. cloudomnislashes says:

    becos mathematics makes the foundation of magicians.. and there are countless of people out there who failed their maths

  2. 9692210 says:


  3. greiver179 says:

    I think another famous magician did this trick for the the tv audience but instead of balls he had cards like tarot cards or something

  4. findingid says:

    people plzz do not ruin other people carreers time money and fame by revealing the trick he really is a great illusionist I think better than most and doesn’t use cut aways and cheap effects there just to entertain you be nice and have some respect

  5. stanskate5 says:

    who cares

  6. findingid says:

    who cares what???????????

  7. Kasashito says:

    If his tricks can be revealed, that means they’re badly made, wich means it’s no point keeping it secret. So I don’t care if you’d reveal every trick of his, it would only mean, that you’d have a good eye for this kind of stuff, and that Cyril went wrong somewhere.

  8. T5doey says:

    wow the last part wen he rolled the ball was epix he got it right in the whole

  9. tycoonpratik says:

    Magnetic attraction.

  10. burnout2020 says:

    the last was a normal billiard trick..

  11. cressalvein17 says:

    I think your right

  12. ineed8800GT says:

    why did the people get surprised at the end?

  13. xLegendaryx69 says:

    i thought he was going to do sort of a domino effect with the billiards and then they would all go into the hole.

  14. MetaKz says:

    From what I got out of it, people were supposed to pick a ball… then he would eliminate balls that no one had picked, and tell them to choose a ball that is 4 places to the right or left of the one they’re currently on. Or something like that 😛

    I guess they all ended up at the orange ball.

  15. fortuitousnisa says:

    yeah i thought so too

  16. J701 says:

    omg he cheats in ever sport he plays, i just saw the golf one and now this…

    jokes, Cyril rocks, just wish there was an english translation

  17. AmanoAkitsuki says:

    the real trick is the last part where he sent all the balls except the orange ball into the hole without touching anything, all the building up in front of that is juz a basic maths function whereby no matter wat number u chose, u will still end up with the pink ball then the orange ball, but its still a very good trick =)

  18. joniwhytestar says:

    just watch the old magic of david copperfield showing moon, city, stuff like that .. and u will understand. and the trick is no matter what u choose it end up the same one.

  19. christopheryarnell says:

    did anyone else get a headache from all the background silver circles? not a bad effect though

  20. illvsi0ns says:

    everyone is welcome to see my channel and all full magic shows of cyril takayama and more

  21. stevensonicteam says:

    wow… nice…

  22. mymusiczz says:


  23. 07txino says:

    vaya mierda

  24. niVanoJ says:


  25. KaskadaXxXXx says:

    @omfgroflma0 ROFLMAO I think he just pointed out to the DVD, A lot of peeps do it with the middle finger but still OMFGROFLMA0

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