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  1. poolplayer2093 says:

    i actually ran into john tonight and got a chance to hit balls with one of his personal cues. the cue is hands down the nutz! it feels great hitting balls with it and it hardly deflects at all. imo it gives the ob-1 and 314/314-2 the 6 out and the breaks!!!!!!!!!!!! john was real easy to talk to about his cues and how he does what he does. anyone considering one of these should just go ahead and pull the trigger

  2. stainlesscovert says:

    Recently received my cue from John and it is beatiful. All that see it have to hold it. To my findings all that John and his clients say in the videos is true. Truely a difference in constrution, and feel with the lowest deflection. I am a very satisfied customer.

  3. loglivn3 says:

    John the cue I got from you is awesome. Your thoughts on what makes a great playing and looking cue are right on time. I can’t say enough nice things about it.

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