Crazy Pool Trick Shots

The Prayingmantis is back with more trick shots, mostly jump shots

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  1. G3aRz2593 says:


  2. playman9111 says:

    2:04 was that a legal shot, im sorry it seemed to me like you kind of pushed the cue ball with the side of your cue

  3. Prayingmantis72 says:

    no its illegal. just a trick shot.. Place the cue tip against the cue ball and push into the rail. The cue tip is forced into the rail.

  4. austinjon1 says:

    how do you get the ball to curve? is it side english?

  5. sleepyluiz13 says:

    that shet is crazy

  6. linc1717 says:

    Hey man just checked out your mini table shots – awesome! Do you compete in competitions? you got the talent! tryin to find a mini table – any suggestions?

  7. Prayingmantis72 says:

    try the internet. thats my best guess. I got mine a few years ago for 80 bucks.

  8. Prayingmantis72 says:

    Ive competed in one tournament but thats it.. maybe some more. Kind of just play pool as a hobby even though been playing pool for 19 years. Not even in the APA anymore.

  9. kieran3236 says:

    He used cheat codes.

  10. dconner50 says:

    Check out my tricks, man. I got some good jumps and some badass rail jumps.

  11. Green76TheBard says:


  12. yeahboy179 says:

    wow dude thts beast

  13. fallingout1233 says:

    Hey Mr.Mac it’s me Eric Song You ROCK at pool your the BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MzOnE8228 says:

    Please check out my pool trick!!!

  15. AnimesDestiny says:

    i tried attempting some of these (TOUGH)

  16. MrMW2junky says:

    i gotta agree iv tried about maybe 1/3 of those trick shots and they are hard but it is managable. iv only about 5 years of experience in billiards so they might be tough to the starting players

  17. MegaGuitaraddict says:

    why does your cue ball only light up sometimes?

  18. Prayingmantis72 says:

    @MegaGuitaraddict because i used a special disco cue ball for only a few of the shots… not all of them

  19. DOArocks says:


  20. Memberyufie says:

    how do you curve it ?

  21. gateway4110 says:

    man how long did it take to learn all that?

  22. jopssports says:

    i’m the 10000

  23. want4rang says:

    wow your amazing! how long have you been playing???

  24. birdstheword1000 says:

    you have some crazy skill

  25. pcred566 says:

    You, my friend, are fucking awesome.

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