Crazy pool table shots!

This guy is crazy. I had never seen anything like this before !!!!!!!!

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  1. GuitarHeroAddict001 says:

    dude ur awesome! and how is this fake?

  2. spellergr says:

    It’s not only the amazing skills, he’s got FANTASY!!! UNBELIEVABLE at 4:36!!!

  3. 95drumhero says:

    if chuck norris and that guy were to play a game of pool, that guy would probibally win

  4. BartjeOstend says:

    @MuziKFreak009 this vid is everywhere with a lot of views more

  5. BartjeOstend says:

    @thepurefighter 2005 amigo, taken over a year later by Google for 1.650.000.000 $ 🙂

  6. thepurefighter says:

    @BartjeOstend oh lol

  7. BartjeOstend says:

    @Prayingmantis72 No, it’s fake, with magnets ^^

  8. Prayingmantis72 says:

    @BartjeOstend i know you are joking… youre a pool player and know these shots are real..

  9. BartjeOstend says:

    @Prayingmantis72 Of course Rick. I was surprised to see how much times I readed ” fake ” in those comments, about ” magnets ” & strings, about ” get laid ” and others .. We know it’s not fake and that we have more sex then most gays writting stupid comments :)) Take care bro.

  10. HDbacon says:

    0_o wow

  11. 110herman says:

    duhh the table is on books or something(unlevel)

  12. 110herman says:

    duhh the table is on books or something(unlevel)!

  13. 27ablepinkpony says:


  14. sullie132 says:

    Class well done loll good luk

  15. TheHurricane98 says:

    This makes me want to play my brother and PWN him

  16. FamilyLeisure says:

    If the guy in this video can find me I would like to offer you a FREE Pool Table. More details to the offer – please contact me.

  17. CrackWarrior says:

    not fake at all..dont kno why epople cant accept people dat have a talent..its done with magnets?? yeah and the balls are metal haha fuckin mugs. the only bad thing i have to say about this is the pockets are huge and the table is tiny.

  18. GlintTheStrong says:

    Id hate to play this guy.

  19. FlamenDX says:


  20. qaiserismee says:

    how u make da ball curl gott 2 know

  21. CrackWarrior says:

    @110herman ur an awful arsehole

  22. boobbygreggyahoo says:

    man its like this is all this guy does, see the size of the room he is in. Its like a studio apartment with a pool table in it, i almost put one in my apartment but couldnt afford one. This dude is crazy GOOD never run into him in a pool hall or you will surely get skunked!!!!

  23. wahyudihw says:


  24. pogithebear says:

    good stuff!!!!! excellent

  25. Whirlyy says:

    I wonder how much hours he spent attempting the tricks before he actually got them perfect

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