Crazy Asian makes Pool trick shots

this is just something i sent to my friends for fun, i love how everyone is taking it so seriously, because im not serious. i put the beginning part to show that im a beginner at it and that i really dont know what im doing

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  1. diamondguitr says:

    @Twentysixbillion dude turn off the fucking annotations, idiot

  2. Twentysixbillion says:

    @diamondguitr You learn something new every day I guess, thanks idiot

  3. camsac says:

    dawg ur sick as hell, forget about all these pussies talking shit, these 12 year olds got nothin else to do than go on youtube and pretend they’re better to make themselves feel better for their sorry insecure asses

  4. itcheu says:

    some one likes beethoven
    😀 nice vid!

  5. howhigh6904hotmail says:

    is this kid wearing his PJ’s hehehehe

  6. themou93 says:

    get a better camera!!!

  7. opiumebs says:

    holy crap dude nice job so wait ur not a beginner i dont understand but its awsome.

  8. Murkle87 says:

    @themou93 or get a better cameraman

  9. themou93 says:

    @Murkle87 hahaha

  10. AdobeExcel says:

    would help if the camera was stationary.

  11. JCFCORTEZ says:

    OKOK.. camera men #FAIL

  12. kangshi12 says:

    haha camera guy = fail kid never again .. let him hold it haha

  13. bob31605 says:

    these are pretty good beginner tricks hope get to be like Eric Yow. You should join a League.

  14. bob31605 says:

    nice bro ! im learning to do trick shot takes a lot of practice ive mastered a couple but i dont own a pool table so practicing costs a bunch of money 🙁 so i stick to regular 8 ball games and league matches. check out Eric Yow Masse trick shots. sick man right there.

  15. jangofet555 says:

    nice shootin

  16. purpisstr says:

    All asian kids are taught martial arts!!! 2:30

  17. jessejallred says:

    if you want to see insane one handed pool trick shots check out my channel

  18. DrVegie says:

    lol at crazy asian

  19. tgtavolari says:

    Does the cameraman have parkinson?

  20. JibtheCrib says:

    @xx13Jericho13xx yes,.. asians can do anything

  21. outdoorpooltable says:

    shit video shit shots shit player.

  22. JrockJohn says:


  23. jopssports says:

    camera fail

  24. MeckyMeck says:

    Sickkkk ticks dude!
    I did a single basic trick shot and went hella crazy about it…lmao…check it out on my page if youd like 🙂

  25. a0a0000 says:

    I like how in the beginning hes doing math 😀

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