Cool billiard tricks

Hehe when I uploaded this video I said these look fake… Well I thought again :).. I don’t think these are fake! ENJOY!!!

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  1. liam2905 says:

    what are you talking about i can do theese shots its all about the spin on the ball how is this fake??

  2. ben1996123 says:


  3. G1aNnH5 says:


  4. YaCantHandleTheTruth says:

    This is real people. Unlike Wrestling! Now That’s FAKE! Look here, if you’ve ever put your quarters up on a pool table in a bar to call next game, you’ll understand how it works if you’ve ever had your change tip over and get that close to the rail. I’ve seen change jump from our table to the next. It just takes practice.

  5. dukieeater says:

    the only one i thought was fake was the one where he stacked the balls on top of the bottles

  6. Dudeofawesomeness67 says:

    AWESOME!!! i’ve done one like the thing with the quarter but i screwed up and hit my dog in the eye LOL!

  7. gangmugs says:

    this dude is wiked

  8. gangmugs says:

    are you blind

  9. TheRiseofBH says:

    2:50 is awesome.

  10. anskulapa says:

    Who is this guy?!!!!

  11. RiverCola110 says:

    WTF O_o

  12. weakboi says:

    he so amazing
    btw he looks like a clown to me

  13. EXOTICGUY2000 says:

    i saw this same video about a month ago and on the LAST SHOT it took him aprox. 57 times to make it

  14. Henryssoon says:

    Lol….. fake

  15. resolvetjjcmf says:

    this is possible with a use of math!!!

  16. p1on33r says:

    and an asian guy

  17. StirnlappeQ7 says:

    typical asians, no hobbies…

  18. doublexax says:

    Wow so far I watch Ping Pong and Billiard, Chinese people has conquered those XD

  19. Toodeloooo says:

    The glass they were using at the end is from IKEA (:

  20. xxfloppypillowxx says:

    uhhh yeah, this guy is Japanese not chinese -.-

  21. lavusrcu says:

    3:29 ive seen all kinds of tricks but this one is impossible

  22. drewdog5656 says:

    this guys fukn awsome

  23. nick13108126 says:

    hes just got too much time on his hands

  24. raymondionut says:

    shut a fuck up bitch

  25. jessejallred says:

    Check out my one handed pool trick shot videos also

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