Billiards Master Class #4 with APA Co-Founder Terry Bell – APA Co-Founder Terry Bell continues the new Billiard Master Class series of videos. In this segment, Terry teaches how to properly execute the open bridge.

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  1. Larrygallis says:

    What was the thing he recommended to smooth the cue shaft? I heard him say something like wet and dry paper, was that it?

  2. Aztar27 says:

    @Larrygallis Yes it’s called “Wet and dry paper”.
    It’s a very fine sand paper, best used wet if you’re actually working with it.

  3. pepamethodman says:

    @Larrygallis 800 measure sand paper 😉

  4. WorkedHard2PlayHard says:

    I had never heard of the “wet and dry paper” he is speaking of, but I, as well as a lot of people in my league, are very happy using the Q-Wiz shaft cleaner. It is extremely small, and a few rubs with that thing works miracles as far as I am concerned. You can pick one up for $4-$7 online at places like Pooldawg, Ebay, and a host of others.

  5. poolbreak says:

    600 is pretty course for a cue, will sand away wood in no time. I recomend 1500 or 2000 found at an auto body supply or auto parts store. makes stick baby skin smooth. Also noticed the follow thru on terry’s stroke is pitiful. the stick should not leave the bridge

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