Billiards Johnny Archer vs Shannon Daulton 9-Ball Match

Billiards Johnny Archer vs Shannon Daulton in the 9-Ball of the Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship at Fast Eddies in Goldsboro, NC on November 14, 2010. See more at FREE LIVE STREAMING and recorded matches at

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  1. strophish says:

    Daulton HOF for SURE. For his 1P play if nothing else. Great vid, Thanks

  2. psyoniksoundz says:

    Why is it that they don’t shoot the nine-ball? Is it a respect thing?

  3. teletonetaps says:

    @psyoniksoundz yea usually if its a straight in nine or an easy nine they just give them the game

  4. 89Slh says:

    i don’t know if the shot at 20:37 was planned but was a really good shot.

  5. stevo18ck says:

    what is that johnny puts under the rails after he gets out????

  6. skoolyrat says:

    @psyoniksoundz yes is it respect

  7. skoolyrat says:

    @stevo18ck its a coin thats used to keep count of the score, usually a quarter, dime, or nickel

  8. stevo18ck says:

    @skoolyrat thats interesting hes the only one i see use it. I thought it might have been some kind of superstition. He moves the coin after a runout to a different rail.

  9. zzzthaoster says:


    I wouldn’t give it up that easily, cause once in a while a player do miss, jmo.

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