billiards champion : )


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  1. danielnie13 says:

    obviously its aimbot lol ;p

  2. gutoso140676 says:

    this guy is GOD

  3. mats4ajax says:


  4. leinad0619 says:

    @rowink90 its called a masse shot 🙂

  5. DeltaWhiskey01 says:

    I’ve been playing pool for about 13 years now and the kind of magic this guy displays on the table is by far the greatest talent i think i will ever see from anyone pool player in the world. I would also like to know if their is any books that he has wrote so that i can have not 1/10th but 1/1000000000000 of talent

  6. ichliebediesimpsons says:

    Im pretty shure he hacked physics

  7. afheadra says:

    omg 1:18

  8. Twirlenkiller says:

    3:25 wtf. that is fucking impossible

  9. JonRIPSammy13 says:

    lol imagine a guy sitting on that chair god that would hurt

  10. turkyish says:

    this must be fake,, 3,25 just is not possible,,, INSANE

  11. kApEtAnKaP0TaS says:

    0:42 wtf man its like the ball has a magnet or something under it -_-

  12. il0vet0spl0sh says:

    fake? 🙁
    btw wtf with the table

  13. 1Owner2of3u says:

    wow you think thats fake? o.O than i say one thing learn how to strike hard an spin the ball

  14. elmeroportero says:

    @il0vet0spl0sh It’s a billards table. they’re not the same as the regular 8-ball tables u r used to seeing.

  15. MegaJanyjan says:

    this is not real!
    if hes really good.
    he must be a champion!


  16. MrBakedTater says:

    The shots r called a masse. It’s not fake. It’s amazing.

  17. habs878787 says:


  18. dieseldog00 says:

    Turkish-born Semih Saginer is the greatest billiard trick shot artist in the world. He beat Mike Massey pretty badly the last time I saw them play about three years ago, but in Mike’s defense he doesn’t do billiard trick shots very often, choosing to stay mostly on the pocket tables.

    I don’t remember Sayginer performing any of these shots while they were playing, so I think he didn’t want to embarrass Mike too badly.

  19. goonfrombokey says:

    @habs878787 yea like wtf

  20. goonfrombokey says:

    @kApEtAnKaP0TaS no if u put English “spin” it will curve

  21. acgatlin says:

    Who the hell wants a pool table with no pockets???!?!?! This is dumb.
    I might as well practice driving while my car is in park, or go deer-hunting with blanks, or try to get hammered on non-alcoholic beer, or go streaking at a nudist convention, or….

    Lol, I understand the concept of a practice table but who would ever actually build/own a pocketless pool table

  22. toolazytotype says:

    its a three-cushion billiard table…and this guy is amazing. 3:28

  23. Metalhead3113 says:

    its sad that people immediately believe this video is fake just because they don’t understand the techniques he is using.

  24. aardvaark069 says:

    If aliens visited earth 3 cushion trick shots is one of the things that I would show them as one of man’s most incredible achievements. The regular game played by champions would probably impress them too.

  25. jawa4576 says:

    wht kind of table is that?

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