Billiard World : Free Billiard Game for PC Play this for FREE! A 3D billiards game is here. Offers many game styles and sets. If you love billiards you got to have this one in your collection!

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  1. FlegDesigns says:

    Lol wtf???

  2. EdilarinProducts says:

    this looks horrible

  3. 450o054 says:


  4. danielkirk1 says:

    Instead of childish 1 word insults. I’ll give helpful criticism.

    1. The physics of the balls isn’t good enough. I’ve seen games with better physics that still fail, mostly because people want REAL motion like REAL pool.
    2. I love the different table types! But i don’t think they are practical for competitive gaming. For example, that triangle table has too many pockets.
    3. It seems unbalanced. Like you spent time on more things than others (like table design over the gameplay.


  5. TheGdragon123 says:

    pls help me im looking Billiard 3d bombs rockets 8ball 16ball

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