Billiard Trick shots compilation ESPN 2 championship

nice trick shots compilation If you dont get a shot you might have to look closer or see it again

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  1. alegria7071 says:

    it`s amazing i love this videos!! i love the billard

  2. MikeMadness13 says:

    i saw this event. The one when Stephano massed and the bowling pins went down. Tom Rossman tried it and he got them all down exept for one. It didnt show you that one.

  3. MikeMadness13 says:

    another thing is the 3-2-1 1-2-3 shot. tom rossman didnt make that. it easy as friken hell and Pelinga got it on the first try (with ease) that was the winning shot

  4. Gerr32 says:

    go to my videos and post a comment 🙂

    that was good one…
    nice tricks, nice shots.

  5. wiweq says:

    0:32 !! was the best

  6. lazsa1 says:

    I’m 2 cool for pool

  7. lazsa1 says:

    2cool4pool I mean fuckers

  8. patrickpicache108 says:

    Why?Pool players can kick your ass?

  9. skiddlecrumms says:

    i remember watching this at home for a couple hours screaming “BULLSHIT!!!! HES A WITCH!!!” at my tv.

  10. c00lBeansCreed says:

    wow, he’s good at manipulating BALLS with his stick

    sorry did I say stick? I meant…

  11. rocnrolman says:

    I remember seeing this event. I also remember being surprised that tom rossman missed that 123, 321 shot. Even i can do it sometimes. Guessthe pressure. The orange tube shot was pretty good. Tom was waiting impatiently for the ball to come out :p

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