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  1. poolexpert123 says:

    yerr i can hear the spin on my felt too

  2. ttroemer says:

    how do you do those kind of curls

  3. jlowellb says:

    It takes some practice to learn how to shoot a long masse and even more practice to learn how to aim. Shooting masse is hard on the table. I will never suggest someone to start, Its hard to stop. send me a message if you have any question. later, john

  4. mconn2112 says:

    You got skills man. Well done!

    I used to practice masses and shoot about 3-5 hours a day. Those were the days. I have been getting back on the table more recently but it still isn’t near enough to satisfy me.

    Excellent work.

  5. KSIRed3 says:

    sweet ass trick shots!

  6. Prayingmantis72 says:

    hey dude. im sorry its been so long. im never on youtube. im now watching your videos! nice masse shots in this one! keep it up.

  7. fettsack says:


  8. h4l0h0l4 says:

    vn work

  9. kingairbomb1 says:

    wtf hur fan lyckas du

  10. AlexisCapri says:

    amazing, nice vid

  11. Akutles50 says:


  12. airsoftdude77 says:

    have these ever came in handy during a real game?

  13. iSnAtsMikEL says:

    this guy probably only knows masse shot.

  14. ar5281ar says:

    ever come in handy in a real game? you must not play billiards too much! AWESOME! 5 stars!

  15. kirby271194 says:

    Wow,what a shotsmaker

  16. ilovechad100 says:


  17. keenster14 says:

    How the heck did it get that many views??

  18. MrFoxtrotdz says:

    Great vid. I’m jealous.

  19. woozie09 says:

    doesnt that kill the pool table?

  20. aaronbassist146 says:

    probably not.
    but the technique may.
    AWESOME! 5 stars!

  21. flareblitz1472 says:

    dude 1:05 is my favorite

  22. illusionfyre says:

    wow. ur table is taking some serious punishment man…

  23. Duhtruth100 says:


  24. poeticromance says:

    so many burns in your table XD

  25. MacManLtd says:

    Do you use CNC silicone spray?

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