Billiard Magic- Mosconi, Caras, Ponzi, Pocket Billiards

Here is a short pocket billiards clip that is pretty cool. Willie Mosconi, Andrew Ponzi, Jimmy Caras, all in rare form.

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  1. 03evoVII says:

    that is my cousin

  2. 03evoVII says:

    that is my cousin

  3. anglemaker says:

    i love the old stuff

  4. BClub says:

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  5. outotfog says:

    I saw Irving Crane in there too. In the opening shot.

  6. medwards02 says:

    haha buy war bonds now!

  7. sickfreakedrv says:

    willie mosconi is my uncle.=]

  8. robotmouse10 says:


  9. iikyrii says:

    @sickfreakedrv cousin!!! i find you lol

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