Billiard machine gun record

This is the fastest billiard machine gun trick shot I saw. And by a kid !

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  1. wmajor13 says:


  2. meca94 says:

    what does that mean ? haah

  3. hackinghelptk says:

    thats rly not nice

  4. meshuggahfan says:

    i feel like saying “JESUS CHRIST” like king arthur did when he saw the rabbit bite his first lt’s head off in “the holy grail.” wow, unbelieveable speed.

  5. WalkerTony says:

    I’d love to see the foot work

  6. jakamneziak says:

    One word for that, frightening. If his hand moves that quickly i dread to think what else he can do at that speed. Seriously good shot and he was faster than a toilet stop in rattlesnake country.

  7. flameclipse says:

    amazing! and the clip’s lenght is 1:47 😀

  8. Jhairumeee says:

    That was truly amazing!

  9. IXYummysnake says:

    go to your URL bar, put the a “Q” between the words you and tube, then press enter

  10. staphinfection says:

    FUCK THAT!!!

    I couldn’t even make two of those straight shots…. god I suck at pool.

  11. NAMTRIP says:

    This kid must have been born with a cue stick in his hands,Holy Shit,they must of made him play since he could see the green,he was in diapers on a chair practicing,great shooting,kiddo!!!!!

  12. bigbengamer says:

    playing since he was pooping green haha

  13. AJ94Acura says:

    I would do this too but the pocket would get overstuffed.

  14. XJ6XJ6 says:

    @AJ94Acura lol same

  15. staeske says:

    he could do the colours too if he want

  16. su0rtin says:

    @ciaran1toner He could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.

  17. 2durch2 says:

    WOW xD

  18. barmybarmy123 says:

    i manage 7 and im 14.

  19. mixick says:

    his later wife is gonna come fast if he uses his cue xD

  20. waspsrugbydude151410 says:

    #OMG i bet he just practices alll the time

  21. JIMVOMIT says:

    most amazing thing iv ever seen in mi entire life its better than doing DMT

  22. jgpwlcs36 says:


    fuck off you weird little prick, you would notice something like that

  23. singaporesling1017 says:

    @JIMVOMIT I dunno. I’m pretty sure DMT wins no matter what.

  24. JIMVOMIT says:

    @singaporesling1017 xxxD LMAO
    i know

  25. metalmephisto says:

    hats of fore this kid.

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