Billiard Juggling

A little different variation of the game we play. I thought this one pretty amusing.

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  1. arslanabhatti says:

    its like a funky factory line or sumthing. Kinda thing u’d see umpa lumpa’s doing in charlie’s factory.

  2. Gunvald says:

    For those of you who wanted to know what song is playing:
    Emigma – Sequoia

  3. Xjuggler23X says:

    REALLY creative ….AWESOME!!

  4. snrugh says:

    This is terrible and you should feel terrible for creating it.

  5. mickzero3 says:

    Hahahaha, this is not that cool…

  6. funkychicken007 says:

    no skill involved go arrange some flowers u fag

  7. tonymlg91 says:

    i read thatu can do this successfully if u maintain a body temperature of 98.6 degrees farenheit ?

  8. MetaITV says:

    … Lol

  9. PineTreeAndCone says:

    haha! this is the funniest video ever!! soo gay lol 😀

  10. CamyolaCola says:


  11. DYRTSIDUDU says:

    watch on my account my crazy sick and funny juggling video

  12. DYRTSIDUDU says:

    search for: dudu the juggling babe. crazy and funny juggling!

  13. unpredictablejuggler says:

    check out some of my juggle vids if ya wantt

  14. juggiyanni says:

    I can Billiardjuggling with 11 balls but only from you!!!

  15. juggiyanni says:

    I can Billiard juggling with 11 balls but only from you!!!

  16. xxmoniquequintynexx says:

    that is so easy, i bet a 5 year old can do that.

  17. mt2sins says:


  18. xxcurnuxx says:

    @xxmoniquequintynexx try
    it is harder than you think

  19. xxmoniquequintynexx says:

    @xxcurnuxx naaah mate.i think i will just stick to tossing balls,that jus wasted 1:02 minutes if my life.

  20. dontelo06 says:

    OMG WTF so cool love it

  21. MapleCousins says:

    Man, I thought it was my incredible brilliant idea to learn juggling with biljart balls..
    I thought of that a few years ago, and now I can juggle with 4 balls withouth biljart (normal juggling balls) and with 5~6 balls on biljart 🙂

  22. cautionfriday says:

    WTF is that song saying?! HAM! HAM!?! lol

  23. ClassicSSFan80 says:

    Any moron can do this.

  24. BikZippo says:

    @JJcanjuggle12 A monkey can do this…
    that friend should be put down by everyone every day!

  25. basketballdude138 says:

    i can juggle the correct way so…

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