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  1. gsekks says:

    paaaaah comme ca claque !!!

  2. xSkateDevil666x says:

    That is so sick, lol.

  3. AnimoSkaters says:

    how cools that =D

  4. slightlyunder9000 says:

    wie heißt die dvd denn und wo ist sie anzutreffen?

  5. POTstudios1 says:

    hab die dvd auch hey das erwartet man von den japanern echt nicht aber die hams echt drauf

  6. hombrah says:

    that was so sick.

  7. rangascootsfbs says:

    that was amazing.

  8. xasdrubalex says:

    @IvynTaasin yep, the far east skate network strikes again.

  9. Killaper says:

    where can one download overground broadcasting?? Can’t find any torrents

  10. zackvideo says:

    I dont know what the hell just happened…but i think i like it.

  11. 7staff says:


  12. MrMattCombs says:

    umm i want what you were smoking

  13. slightlyunder9000 says:


    stimm ich voll zu, die frage ist nur wo man die kaufen kann, irgendwelche tipps? 🙂

  14. 98fingerboard98 says:


  15. Guyfr0msweden says:


  16. necroshaman55 says:

    what… did… i …. jus… seee….??? 😀

  17. wener1998 says:

    wtf pause at 0:01 and is a blackwomen ther

  18. DJDayxzs says:

    ha they represent balls. really cool vid!

  19. luckytom13 says:

    dude, thats the reality of a skatepark everybody passin by like fuckin billiards ball and get hit

  20. xXSOADDUDEXx says:

    this is so coordinated and creative, to me this is skateboarding in it’s purest form

  21. skateerdbeer says:

    i tried the trick to slide with the box it´s very funny^^

  22. MyRoflnator says:

    verrückte idee aber dennoch geil 🙂

  23. tofu4tortoise says:

    lol i didn’t get it until like 10 seconds in. then i did. it was amazing.

  24. TheFilmersSkaters says:

    @zackvideo what movie is that from?

  25. zackvideo says:

    @TheFilmersSkaters Haha nothing dude, this video is just fucked up!

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