Billiard-Domino – Nice!!!!!

Gotta watch this if you like this game

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  1. bolle123 says:

    thats funny!!

  2. Jmac0wns says:

    Thats so cool

  3. jetsetmex says:

    asome … nice one

  4. Hazzahop says:

    good but i can doo better

  5. darksynthesis says:

    dick head

  6. Brink0War says:

    ya, I doubt it

  7. djanmar says:


  8. llamaman712 says:


  9. baggerdude says:

    some one does not have a life around here -.-U

  10. DarkDragonX77 says:

    lol jesus christ!

  11. WsSlamdunk says:

    um yah i agree with DarkDragonX77

  12. Skycamper says:

    and u just wasted a second minute or your life typing this, moron. That was quite nice. AND STOP WITH THOSE “I WANT A MINUTE OF MY LIFE BACK” it’s so lame, everyone sais that, it’s just so old now, find something else to say…

  13. tunivore says:


  14. Nat1226 says:

    that is mint and fuk of vitalsigns, i agree wit u skycamper, his just wasted a second min of his life, arsehole

  15. BraTrippen says:

    no im pretty sure jesus doesnt play pool…

  16. DarkDragonX77 says:

    lol i no

  17. MOANDRON says:

    OMG =O lol wicked

  18. loopyboi111 says:

    shit dude it balanced on the stick lol

  19. hylauser says:

    ya i cant beleive that!! lol awesome!!!!

  20. pythoncolt357 says:

    ….. o.o…. holy shit

  21. DziadekEdek says:

    incredible !

  22. halorocks647983 says:

    if you look closely it was two pool ques side by side alowing for the ball to stay on by rolling o the crevis bettween each que

  23. halorocks647983 says:

    i dont know about you guys but one of the main reasons i watch youtube videos is because i have nothing better to do so if you have nothing better to do how was it a wast of 1 min of your life O_o XD

    but nice vid someone must have been very patient to set this up

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