Billiard Club TV Presents: The World Pool Masters = Wu Chia Ching vs. Tony Drago

The World Pool Masters is brought to you by: Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT We are the world’s #1 online source for championship pool. BilliardClub Network, in association with Matchroom Sport, presents the 2006 World Pool Masters from the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee on the Nederland’s north sea coast. 16 of the world’s finest 9-Ball Players from nine nations compete for the title of World Pool Master. The game is 9-Ball, with each match a race to 8 racks with alternate breaks. This is the Billiard Club TV Presentation of Match #12 featuring Tony Drago “The Tornado” and “The Little Genius” Wu Chia Ching. Commentators Jim Wych and Ted Lerner call all the action. Event info @ Please SUBSCRIBE to BCn. Your COMMENTS are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. Also, please support our sponsors: Thanks for watching BCn! Footage courtesy of Matchroom Sport

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  1. abvss says:

    Thanx B-club!!!


  2. backw0rds says:

    merry x’mas folks

  3. djpstacked says:

    ho ho ho! Thanks Billiard Club!

  4. mikep215 says:

    u must be out of your mind. did you not see what just happen. wu is only 17, and look how much he has accomplished. he’s competing and tearing up world class players. how many young players are doing this. none like wu.

  5. StillxxBoostin says:

    please upload the Wu vs Ralf match. thnx Bclub Merry Christmas

  6. prosatan says:

    THANK YOU BCLUB!! You’re biggest fan: Prosatan

  7. edoardomorellimusic says:

    I’m a drago fan, but I can’t really stand when he miss because of his speed… Thanks BCLUB can’t wait for semifinals!!!

  8. Aldurder says:

    thx a bunch bclub! happy holidays 2 u 2!

  9. rawer77 says:

    every time i watch this i want to play asap
    world champions make it look so easy. they should be playing for millions. its not possible now with the world recession.

  10. Mghockey7 says:

    This stuff makes me cruz thru work….

    With a smile. Thanks.

  11. badboyrdam says:

    nice match

  12. DicktheBowler says:

    BCn you da best!
    Let’s see more please

  13. breakcue101 says:

    hey I think you guys spelled tony wrong in the title lol.

  14. matthewtonna1 says:

    and wu vs ralf pls?????????

  15. pitzy07 says:

    great game, great shots. thanks a bunch.

  16. lemonite1 says:

    I don’t always agree with the alternate break/short race format. The players tighten up and play like they can’t make one mistake. In winner break format, if one player runs a 6 pack, well then too bad for the other guy, that’s part of the game. The nature/integrity of the game shouldn’t be compromised just so neophytes can see both players play.

  17. tuitenlabi says:

    playing too careless….tony drago..that’s why he lost his game…sigh..

  18. Descente36 says:

    do you know how easy it is for pros to run the table? If a pro can make a ball on the break, 90% of the time he will run the rack, which means 90% of the time the first one breaking will be the winner-how does that seem like a good idea to you?

  19. perfectshot77 says:

    I like to see the other player earn the right to be at the table. With alternate break the players don’t earn the break its just given, its much funner to watch them earn it. And its also much funner to see how many racks one player is able to string together and play safe when necessary.

  20. perfectshot77 says:

    Some of the best conversations about pool is how many racks a player ran like Johnny’s high run is 13 racks or how many racks down the opponent was and how he managed to make a heart pounding ridiculously awesome come back from way behind when every shot and every safety has to be perfect.

  21. iitruevibeii says:

    So his stats got confused with Alex Pagulayan‘s? Does that happen often with the series of World Pool Masters? I was like “2005 US Open Champion” that’s Alex, then noticed the filipino flag. Wow lol.

  22. SnareBuff says:

    @Descente36 I don’t agree with you. Run-outs are not always guaranteed with a ball on the break. You still have to control the cueball and get a shot on the first ball. You still have to contend with the possibility of clusters or balls that have no pocket. Pros are not gonna run out every time. Some of them still get out of line or miss a shot. If pros ran out 90% of the time, then all “winner breaks” matches would be decided quickly.

  23. WolfieTed says:

    What a break that kid has got!

  24. sheeplovebeer says:

    Drago’s positional play is fairly weak, especially in this game.
    His shot making on the other hand is very strong, typical snooker player.

  25. TheFonsarmstrong says:

    Go Wu..go..go….. !!! ….finish him !!

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