Billiard Club TV Presents: The World Pool Masters = Alex Pagulayan vs Raj Hundal

The World Pool Masters is brought to you by: Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT We are the world’s #1 online source for championship pool. BilliardClub Network, in association with Matchroom Sport, presents the 2006 World Pool Masters from the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee on the Nederland’s north sea coast. 16 of the world’s finest 9-Ball Players from nine nations compete for the title of World Pool Master. The game is 9-Ball, with each match a race to 8 racks with alternate breaks. This is the Billiard Club TV Presentation of Match #13 featuring Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan and Raj Hundal. Commentators Jim Wych and Ted Lerner call all the action. Event info @ Please SUBSCRIBE to BCn. Your COMMENTS are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. Also, please support our sponsors: Thanks for watching BCn! Footage courtesy of Matchroom Sport

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  1. bry4n3 says:

    Ooooh..the lag lagged.

  2. geerie13 says:


    ROYCE DA 5’9 – BOOM

  3. NickTRecordz says:

    thanx bro =)

  4. Penmi104 says:

    Bclub you are the best!

  5. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    Alex Pagulayan = 100% class!!! way to go alex!!!

  6. TheIshter says:

    If they release Soquet vs. Wu, I’ll piss myself of happiness.

  7. o0J4Y0o says:

    hearing a black guy speaking in Britain accent is just too funny.

  8. badboyrdam says:

    thanx Bclub 😀

  9. pepamethodman says:

    @o0J4Y0o Hindu , not black

  10. blueiseverything says:

    It’s normal.

  11. bizzare1bizzare says:

    LOL I thought that guy in blue shirt was Borat 😀

  12. Diasanti says:

    Great match. Excellent 2nd rack. Thanks for the upload

  13. leos147 says:

    this guy sounds like Ronnie O’Sullivan.

  14. LeonFleisherFan says:

    Terrific second rack in particular, starting
    @ 12:23 – thanks for uploading!

  15. phixxwutwut says:

    agreed, excellent rack

  16. myrmecophilous says:

    rack 2 was ridiculous.

  17. xul99 says:

    Thumbs up, excellent rack.

  18. iconofsin says:

    Raj kicksafe on the 5 in rack 2 was incredible.

  19. gafalos7 says:

    Great match!!!
    Does anyone know where can I watch Souquet VS Wu?

  20. 78hdshovel says:

    @pepamethodman, hindu is a religion, black is a color. not that it matters, black, brown, yellow, blue, whatever, british is british. religion and color have nothing to do with the english dialect.

  21. pepamethodman says:

    It is an expression in our country for all indian men

  22. lither says:

    I just love Google Audio Transcribe. Now Pagulayan is known as Peggy Lions!

  23. BloodyFingerz says:

    How come u dont see Alain Martel ” The Dancing Bear ” ?

  24. 400timesmore says:

    Love Alex

  25. xxDrummerxx141 says:

    how old do u have 2 be 2 join like this on t.v.

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