Billiard Club Network Presents: The World Pool Masters FINAL = Ralf Souquet vs. Alex Pagulayan

The World Pool Masters is brought to you by Chalk-Off This is the Billiard Club Network’s Presentation of the Final Match #15 featuring Ralf Souquet vs.Alex Pagulayan. Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT BCn is the world’s #1 online source for championship pool. BilliardClub Network, in association with Matchroom Sport, presents the 2006 World Pool Masters from the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee on the Nederland’s north sea coast. 16 of the world’s finest 9-Ball Players from nine nations compete for the title of World Pool Master. The game is 9-Ball, with each match a race to 8 racks with alternate breaks. Commentators Jim Wych and Ted Lerner call all the action. Event info @ http Please SUBSCRIBE to BCn. Your COMMENTS are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. Also, please support our sponsors: Thanks for watching BCn! Footage courtesy of Matchroom Sport

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  1. RobViper3 says:

    Excellent match but I question the editing. Why edit out the entire middle portion of the match? Especially when one of the racks had a safety battle that seemed to be the turning point of the match. This is the internet/youtube… it’s made to post your videos unedited unlike on television which has time constraints. I don’t see any advertising for a commercial release of this match/tournament so it boggles the mind why an edited match would be posted.

  2. 78hdshovel says:

    @RobViper3 possibly because there are a lot of people who don’t care for watching safety battles, they’re all about potting balls.

    i’m with you, i would rather watch a 20 minute safety battle, as i can learn a lot from watching the way pros play safeties…..

  3. drewfla says:

    I’m happy this is finally uploaded! I watched the two semi final matches and couldn’t wait to see Pagulayan and Souquet battle it out. I know this is was almost 4 years ago now lol, but I didn’t know the results and resisted looking them up online so I could be surprised =P It’s too bad so much of the match was skipped, but nonetheless this was a good match =)

  4. BClub says:

    Good question. But please understand that we are not the original producer. We are the US distributor and received the program in a pre-edited format. We then edit the program for a broadcast format per agreements and that is the format that is used for these YouTube uploads. If we had the full match, we would show the full match. However, this is the next best thing.
    Thanks for watching.

  5. Diasanti says:

    Are there any 14.1 matches BClub can get a hold of?

  6. djungbremen says:

    @Diasanti So far I have only seen 9 ball matches on BClub.

  7. bore2008 says:

    Sorry brand new video like it

  8. DeftDel says:

    lol @5:20 nice rack

  9. MrAidenthomas says:

    I know there is alot of debate on American and English tables how our English tables are so small and easy to play on, but you cant play a ball down a cussion, or “rail” as Americans call it let it bounce of that cusion and still find its way into the pocket??? The pockets are that big you can pot from anywhere almost. English pool is alot harder and not so forgiving. American 9 ball you have to concentrate on posision because potting is easy. Potting on English tables is alot harder.. i believe

  10. thatandstuff12 says:

    i argree mate i play for hampshire county pool team and from playin on a english pool table and then playin on a 9 ball table u will pot everything lol the pockets are too big on a american pool table
    its because the americans hav 2 hav everything big lol 🙂

  11. UlchTeddy says:

    If there’s anyone to base your game on Ralf is definitely near the top of the list, great match.

  12. bmark12 says:

    Philippines Philippines

  13. dtouey says:

    More proof that the alternate break system doesn’t work.

  14. Muchodelcrazy says:

    the shot at 37:40… why didn’t he play a really light combo and just leave the one to be made in the side? Then it’s an easy followup to the 3, easy rack.

  15. Larrygallis says:

    Nice rack 15:09 🙂

  16. BigDave297 says:

    @BClub Hi there, do you happen to have the World Pool Masters 2010 with Jayson Shaw in action by any chance?

  17. alikemoon says:

    @BClub thx alot for uploading this
    it’s a great match,, but may i ask u something ?
    there’s a TV channel showing pool 24/7.. do u know that channel? because i saw that one when i was in hotel in the philippines.. and i dont know where to find it.. thanks alot

  18. persianiranforever says:

    im the 57.000th viewer


  19. ihcug90 says:

    @BClub you guys fucking rock lol

  20. KKisforever says:

    2:07 Hes just as cool as a cucumber. LOL

  21. milotist says:

    nice game

  22. sheeplovebeer says:

    What a terrible lag lol

  23. sheeplovebeer says:

    @Muchodelcrazy nononono.. The one wouldve rolled slowly to the rail. There is too much angle for the 1 to stop in that position. If anything he shouldve hit it harder to make the 1 come all the way around for position in the side. Or a lot softer for position to the bottom right.

  24. omega666ification says:

    can anyone tell me whether or not predator shafts do help with cue ball deflection

  25. Shau682 says:

    @omega666ification Yes they do, but many brands(like McDermott) also have equivalent shafts that do the same thing. Best way to see the difference(in deflection) is by taking a house(or ordinary) cue, make a shot using English(or spin), then set up the same shot and use the Predator shaft. You will notice that the deflection is less with the Predator shaft/cue. Hope this info helps. 🙂

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