Billiard Club Network presents: The US Open 9-Ball Championship: Immonen vs. Kiamco

Billiard Club Network and the Hall of Fame Pool Tour presents: Mika Immonen vs. Warren Kiamco at the 33rd US Open 9-Ball Championship. The winner goes to the Final match against Ronnie Alcano in the Chalk-Off Arena. The loser goes home with 3rd place. Jim Wych and Danny Diliberto call all the action. Please shop at the Billiard Club Pro Shop, All proceeds finance this BCn TV production. Many thanks to our sponsor, Chalk-Off Pool Table Cleaner, the world’s #1 pool table cleaner: Video production in association with Accu-Stats Video:

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  1. DistantQuasar says:

    hooray a new video!
    Mika Video! A+

  2. backw0rds says:

    oh god. thanks BCLUB. NEW VID FTW.

  3. Hatarii says:

    mika the best!

  4. vher143 says:

    thanks BCN, great game

  5. babachaaa says:

    the shots before the break was the best part…incredible…

  6. theflake90 says:

    thanks for vid

  7. redhare976 says:

    Thanks for the vids …. but why does the quality keep getting worse…..?

  8. mikep215 says:

    mika is a dummy, he has no reason to shoot the nine-ball at 11:10 that hard anyways.

  9. mikep215 says:

    @mikep215 yo puxxy mika, you got had ur shot, now go sit down in the corner were u belong and stop the bitchin. 19:05

  10. royks9ball says:

    at last another video, 10x

  11. Irakli1981 says:

    TYYYYYYY, ty very much!!!!

  12. 255carlito says:

    yeah, dont like mika. hes allways bitchin around no mater what hapens. dont like hes style of play either, and yet he wone the U.S. Open.

    Where the f… was Shane V.B. lol

  13. Larrygallis says:

    mika the great immonen…one of my faves

  14. phixxwutwut says:

    such a whiner hahahaha

  15. gourdiesel says:

    mika acts just like my 11 year old sister when she doesn’t get her way… 22:30… such a whiner

  16. mitosinuca says:

    Mika Immonen is a beast

  17. RyanWatchesNaruto says:

    mike maybe under pressure and everyone has bad days stop taking the mick out of him i guarantee everyone here has acted wrongly one time :/

  18. konryunakara says:

    @ 40:23 Hard Times Billiards is in Sacramento, not LA. 😛

    On a side note, it never fails to amuse me what the audience will clap or “ooh” for: take, for example, a draw shot; or (more specifically) the clapping for Immonen’s simple shot that added insult to injury after Kiamco dogged the 2 on rack 19.

    Perhaps I was just pulling for the underdog though…

  19. TeenyTiny945 says:

    I like mikas little elephant nose motion he makes with his cue before he gets down to shoot. reminds me of an elephant 🙂

  20. DDragonlord says:

    @BClub…This is a great video for the 2008 U.S Open 9-Ball Championship….Now could the videographers @BClub please post 2010 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship. TY =)

  21. jsberson says:

    Danny Diliberto: a prime example that being excellent in a sport does not make you a good announcer. He’s the worst television announcer I’ve heard in any sport ever…

  22. magikman38 says:

    @konryunakara There is one in LA too, it’s the one most people are refering to.

  23. wvb93 says:

    pool noob here: why do they discourage a soft break?

  24. UlchTeddy says:

    @wvb93 a soft break is usually discouraged because unless you know what your doing theres a smaller chance that you will pocket a ball off the break. Also because 2 (or 3 depending on the tourney rules) balls need to pass into the top half of the table or its foul. Another thing is theres a larger chance that 2 or more balls could be froze on each other which makes it nearly impossible to run out quickly… Hope this helps.

  25. numchuck180 says:

    chick at 28:07…. boobs and on the phone. why was she even there…

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