Billiard Baby

1 year old makes 5 in a row and wins on America’s Funniest Home Videos!

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  1. santaclaus152 says:

    It isnt fake, i saw it on TV.

  2. verx666 says:

    Nice,this kid has talent!

  3. pishonos says:

    so smart cute!=]

  4. TheFameVideos says:


  5. motherrnohair says:


  6. brightlights24 says:

    ahhhhhh TOO CUTE

  7. rawr0206 says:

    i fucking hate people who’d call everything fake.

  8. chilermaster says:

    i thought the baby is an animal

  9. ExCoOps says:

    This is fake, don’t get cheated.

  10. roflcow808 says:

    ok how the hell is this vid fake, for all the people accusing it how is it fake!

    i love this baby! i saw this on AFV last weak

  11. xxPyrOxxFanG says:

    all hail to the new pool king…

  12. bsm20091 says:

    i saw this on afv last night, how cute!!!

  13. MrShabobo555 says:

    haha thats the so cute!

  14. 7rancisco1 says:

    How did he make all those shots? Unbelievable. I’m Flabberghasted

  15. david1909 says:

    it’s just plain luck… how could it be fae anyway

  16. sterilite says:

    i’m 19 and i can’t do that o.O

  17. Ashlizzle11 says:

    Sup James! Woah, is that the old Bryce AFV video??

  18. LovingJesusandLife says:

    haha that baby is soo amazing =D haha.i love how everyone is having a good old family time.smiles

  19. UchihaIsrael666 says:

    shit that kid is better than me!

  20. streetwhereulive says:

    The baby was clapping too. What a happy baby.

  21. Gotmilk0112 says:


  22. sanzy808 says:

    Some lucky kid…

  23. zombiefuckification says:

    guess he didn’t make the sixth one, eh.

  24. Arminpars2 says:

    God loves babies (children). He’s just playin with those older ones around him and all these amazed tubers thru that baby. He makes things which seem unnatural and impossible for us so feasible.

  25. cuber1998lu says:


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