Billiard Aiming: How to Compensate for Spin

Master Instructor “Oyster” Academy of the Cueing Arts answers student email question on how-to compensate for cue shaft squirt using sidespin. Learn much more at this Award Winning Master Academy

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  1. omega666ification says:

    thank yooooooooooooooou !!!!!! 🙂

  2. future305 says:

    good lesson nice music who signs that

  3. BilliardInstruction says:

    @future305 Thank-you….music is Eternal Odyssey by Delerium

  4. ITler says:

    great videos…and nice music as well 🙂
    where do you get this music from? it’s very relaxing in all your videos.

  5. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ITler Thank -you…I have been practicing Yoga for a long time and much of the music I currently listen to is geared to the spiritual side. I have compiled over 15,000 songs in my Itunes library over many years. Some from my own cd’s some from itunes. itunes Genius is great in finding new music. 🙂

  6. BilliardInstruction says:

    @omega666ification You are very welcome Jarvis, Thanks for the great question!


    cool vid

  8. ITler says:

    Ok, thanks for you answer. I love such music and also have a lot of this. I also came to it because of my spiritual practice. I’m more into tantra but the targets and so on are the same 🙂 I think i have to use itunes more 😀

  9. ki21826 says:

    Is the predator 314 the same tip size as the Z and does it feel diffrent

  10. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ki21826 No. The Z2 shaft has an 11.75 mm tip and the 314 has a 12.75mm.
    The 314 feels more solid because of the bigger sweet spot. However the z2 is more precise because the energy is more compact to a smaller point on contact.

  11. ki21826 says:

    So which would u perfer because I want 1 bad n I dont know which 1 2 get I play with a cuetech and its ok but I need a stiffer hit and smaller tip I just dont want 2 get 1 and its not what im lookin 4 because thier kinda expensive

  12. ki21826 says:

    Is your school only in florida because I really would like 2 come but I stay in indiana I went 2 your website n looked at the things u teach n how its presented n its great I would really like 2 come

  13. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ki21826 It all depends on your skill and knowledge level in the Cue Sports. The Z2 shaft is really a Professional Level Shaft.

  14. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ki21826 BSACA School in Florida will be relocating to Italy in 2011. Last class in Florida is March 2011.

  15. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ki21826 You can send me emails direct to via my website. I’ll be glad to help answer your questions for you.

  16. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ki21826 billiardinstruction

  17. ki21826 says:

    Your movin 2 italy will u still have same website and everything I think I will just have 2 buy the dvds I really wanted to come but I wont be able by march

  18. BilliardInstruction says:

    @ki21826 Yes Same website. DVD’s are nearly sold out.

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