best ever pool trick shots!

a collection of amazing pool trick shots.

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  1. isam1335 says:

    7:05 maria ozawa?

  2. MrSnake142 says:

    lol go to 3:38 jet lee lol lmao

  3. collinaskjdfh says:

    @DopeMcDoperson yeah but you have to actually hit the ball with the correct amount of force

  4. vik4a1 says:

    lol nice

  5. iracus9024 says:

    what a bitch….

  6. projundertax says:

    what country is this from? the chicks are hot.

  7. alukndut says:

    nice cinqui…

  8. alukndut says:

    nice cinqui..
    by indotixo..!!!

  9. gix500 says:

    @projundertax japan

  10. gix500 says:

    @mijos408 yes most of the shots were not highest lvl, but i would say the ones with the 2 bottles and 4 balls on top of them takes practice, takes practice to jump that precisely

  11. sdraver92 says:

    hard to believe these r possible. coolest shots iv seen

  12. ridzhuan90 says:

    the nice tricks for the coin shot.. its was awesomes..

  13. PurpleLotus92 says:

    i’ve always wondered.. these trick shot artists are so awesome doing these tricks and all.. wouldn’t they be pawning all the players in torneys?

  14. gaurav400 says:


  15. Tumig says:

    is it kanji oder traditional chinese or what`??? somewhere who REALLY knows it tell me please!!!

  16. alexlima1995 says:

    im going to try all !!!

  17. hekkboythe1 says:


  18. nimarama72 says:

    pure genius..

  19. cocaboca274 says:

    at 7min it was done by magnets 😛

  20. 9ballalex says:

    would be very impresive if I wouldn´t had watched Earl Strickland before.

  21. TitoStory says:

    5:58 .. lol thats possible?

  22. EMINEMFAN664 says:

    4:27!!!Made My DAii!!!

  23. sk8erboyz93 says:

    Damm Chiniizzz

  24. willroxurworld says:

    Magnetic BALLS!

  25. arbakra says:

    thats nothing, you wanne see real trick shots look up venom trickshots , now thats skilled

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