Bert Kinister Volume 18-“The Shotmakers Workout” (C) for Pool and Billiard.

Shot No.1: The Most Important Shot In Pool. Pool and Billiard Instruction from Bert Kinister.

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  1. MaxEberle says:

    With all due respect…I’m a pro and if you can’t come with a shot like that once in a while you will be in big trouble. Even with great cue ball control, once in a while you just have to slice and dice!

  2. scrumtrulescent1 says:

    Max you don’t have to tell me you are a pro. I know your a pro. Your one of the best players I have ever seen. And yeah I know you sometimes have to go for it. But ive seen hundreds of professional matches, and I don’t think ive ever seen a pro go for that shot. Its a safety play, oh unless your efren lol.

  3. goodsbmont says:

    “grr….grrr…. let me just POCKET these”

    Does he not realize what he sounds like? This guy obviously has some mental problems.

  4. clayton1979 says:

    Uh, scrumtrulescent1, I’m pretty sure that he started out saying it was a shotmaking excercise designed to improve consistency in pocketing balls and learn to maintain concentration and focus while playing not 9-Ball strategy.

    And I love his energy! I want to experience that feeling too. I’m going to go practice right now!

  5. clearlyahustler says:

    I have to order this video sometime. I try this shot regularly and it clearly shows me that I need to work on it even more. This is probably the best single shot to develop consistency in both stroke speed and cueing that I know of.

  6. mrc0olguy says:

    he is possessed by a pool demon..BAAAAMMM!!!

  7. mrc0olguy says:

    yea pros dont shoot shots like that…this guy will teach you how to get ur ass beat tryin shots like that

  8. bone6966 says:

    that is not that high percentage of a shot. i’ll take that shot anyday over a bank, unless position lends itself to a saftey or a bank, as the only position possibility. efren cuts that shot consistantlly, and even tighter on the rail than that in alot of matches, and cant remember him missing 1? which i sure he has.

  9. bone6966 says:

    he is shooting that shot way to hard, and not focusing 1st on his next position play! it’s not that hight of percentage of a shot to begin with. efren rolls them in, not hits them in!

  10. bone6966 says:

    on the straight in shots that he says you have to shoot them softer, he is hitting them at least 2x harder than needed, he has no finess, because his body and (so called stroke) is locked up, by focusing on the contact point rather than where he wants to obtain position. you donot look at the contact point until your done dropped down on a shot, then it is very clear when you do, and your(stroke)is automatically freeflowing!

  11. snapitoff2002 says:

    No wonder Neils shoots so straight! Regardless of the size of the table, he hit those pretty sweet!

  12. BF2TJShorty says:

    center of the hole… gay?

  13. BillyJackets says:

    This guy has a lot of great ideas and information, you might think about trying to learn something new instead of knocking.

  14. majasalvador12 says:

    ding ding daddy

  15. steveminla says:

    LOL…that last long cut shot 2:58 was…NOT…in the hole. He cut it wide!
    I do like his “The 60 Minute Workout for 9-Ball and 8-Ball” – which is where the last two shots on this video are from.

  16. tifferdile1 says:

    Actually it did go in. It cuts to the side when it hits the inside of the point and rolls of the top ball inside the pocket. It was not a real clean shot but it did go in, no question.

  17. steveminla says:

    yeah I know the balls were obviously blocking the pocket, just having a little fun.

  18. dqh01 says:

    Anyone can do this if they were taught the proper mechanics of pool.with some form of routine for shot preparation. He is a good player but his instructional videos have no substance.

  19. vicarious709 says:


  20. swammpwatter says:

    you have to have the right attitude . he definitly comes across with an abundance.

  21. bsabbath55 says:

    lol I like this guy

  22. palmer3977 says:

    ive sat on toilets with a smaller opening than those pockeys no wonder he can pot the balls, lol

  23. nNorthWestern says:

    @steveminla it was in the hole but the pockets are as wide as texas:D

  24. swammpwatter says:

    geez you must’ve shit on your balls trying take a shit on those small toilets.

  25. albert333pool says:

    No matter how you wanna look at it, “big pockets”, “abundance” – that is a tough shot to repeat afterand after! I like the attitude! 🙂

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