Bert Kinister Volume 18-“The Shotmakers Workout” (B) for Pool and Billiard. Pool and Billiard Instruction from Bert Kinister.

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  1. wingedpts says:

    im a killing machine im a killing maachine im a warrior im a predator!

  2. starchile says:

    Wow this is great advice! Can’t wait to get out and try it!

  3. vlladellu says:

    nice video very good tips a real pool player he’s very focus and pasioned on what he’s tryng to teach us and we should be greatfull that he waste his time with all of us.All the respect you are great.

  4. rejekt14 says:


  5. andy201284 says:

    somebodys gotta precribe him some drugs..he seems consyantly on edge that he isnt a warrior.. or a fool.. or sucker… damn this guys nuts..

  6. mrc0olguy says:

    this nigga wild

  7. BennyGothik says:

    This guy is a GENIUS! Crazy mothafuckin pool player! And it’s incredible how many true things I noticed watching him, like the fact of not watching constantly the table, and that some days you might see diffrently the contact points. Wonderful!

  8. bone6966 says:

    you do not focus on the contact point 1st by any means! you realize what type of shot you have, and where your next position is, and then you automically drop down on the shot(not actually bend over) and you will sight then, as you will see your shot clearly from there! he is teaching the game backwards like all suposid teachers do!

  9. bone6966 says:

    once again, a so called certified instructor, teaching the game backwards!!! you look at where you want the cueball to end up, the entire time, as you drop down on the shot, not your contact point 1st! then you will look up and be sighted automatically, and your so called stroke be freeflowing, and your body not locked up! thats why efren can get the speed control he does!! last tips im revealing until my dvd’s are released! think and try what i just said, b4 bashing me! thanks

  10. mrluigimario says:

    I don’t wanna be a sucker…thanks for the tips 🙂

  11. nugget147 says:

    “Don’t be the food!”

    This video made me laugh.

  12. worldalvin says:

    Bert Kinister is the master!!!

  13. BF2TJShorty says:

    i wouldnt wanna play him, boomboomboom every shot

  14. BillyJackets says:

    Everyone has different ideas about how to learn and how to teach , this guy brings it alive. I have played pool 50 years and I guarantee if you follow his instructions and don’t get lazy you will become a very good player. I think he has disdain for the gambling aspect of the game as I do ….I have seen every 2 bit hustle there is and it’s not pretty.

  15. TreuloseTomate says:


  16. 5ballcharlie says:


  17. Daminatovideo says:

    I just took a lesson with Bert when he was in
    Chicago. When taking lessons, I try to keep a extremely open mind, because the ego in us is a know it all and want to tell the teacher how wrong
    they are and what we already know. A smart student knows, the more you know, the more you realize how little you know about a given subject. Bert in my first lesson taught me things that were hard for me to accept, but already I have to admit I’m pocketing balls with a new perception.

  18. Daminatovideo says:

    with this new perception Im starting to realize
    why I consistently make certain mistakes. Its not my aim that is technically bad, its the point at which I think I can pocket the ball that decreases the odds of me actually pocketing that ball. Some of his teachings may appear to be splitting hairs, and it probably is, but once you learn to split that hair your perception is beyond the opponent that doesnt even know where the hair is to split.

  19. xxNilumxx says:

    the day i gamble is the day i run ten racks in a row, 5 days a week, how can u get hustled when u dont play a hustler. it will save ur cheeze. pool is a bar game u can be the best in the world and still get beat buy anyone. i dont play for one reason SAFETIES, i believe u miss u screwed, ur turn is over. defense in pool is a sign of a coward. that is why pool is not popular. anybody can block balls, but to never have to play safe that is skill. bash me idc u rely on too much safety play

  20. fightmaker72x says:

    that doesnt make any sense, safeties are a part of the game. no one and i mean no one can run out every time. so if you want to win you must be able to play safe and counter someone elses saftey play too.

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