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  1. silvershoe101 says:

    dude u r a major bad ass

  2. thedoooood says:

    very nice. well done. 5/5

  3. MikeMadness13 says:

    hey dude. for your first video your pretty good. nice video and you have a real gift and should be as good as venom as your get better and practise more. I would like to get some advice or some pointers if you have any.

  4. JRotlab says:

    Fantastic video. 5 stars

  5. PoolPlayer187 says:

    wow man, that’s really good

    lemme geuss though…new cloth? waxed balls? Or is it just your stroke? lol

  6. PoolPlayer187 says:


  7. Beastlyboy1555 says:

    those r not easy maybe to u dang ur good

  8. Ltone33 says:

    awesome video man u make it look ez 5 stars

  9. footballdudeqb says:

    hey dude ure pretty good can u give me any hints on how to put english i cant figure it out

  10. MONsTER3o3 says:

    very well done, i saw u posted on my video so i took a look at urs, very great spins, u should post a vid with a few pointers for me and other pool artists on how to use english like that in ur trick shots

  11. h4l0h0l4 says:

    1:35 O_O

    5 stars!

  12. lodskicamski7 says:

    check out my new video

  13. kittybrucknell says:

    brilliant simply brilliant,lee from team kitty would kill for your talent with a pool stick lol. from both of us take care hugs kitty

  14. mackelpackel says:

    superb trick shot men! INSANE… your my idol

  15. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    Did you change the song?

  16. jlowellb says:

    yeah someone flaged it,

  17. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    That sucks, I thought that song went really well with this vid.

  18. WhiteSoxFan564 says:


  19. david9639 says:

    what kind of tip are you using?

  20. andr3n says:

    lol 1:35 is great!
    Nice video

  21. 990909909 says:

    CHALCK OFF!!! 😉

  22. lavonlol says:

    In the words of the great Jackie Gleason “you shoot a good stick”!

  23. JosiahChristian123 says:

    wow you are amazing

  24. vampyre11487 says:

    2:55 was epic.

  25. Pintoleite3 says:

    @JosiahChristian123 you idiot, you have to jump to 1:40

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