Arnim Kahofer – cadre 47/1 – billiard

Arnim Kahofer playes in a czech team, called BCF. This is his game in cadre 47/1 against Janis Ziogas. Janis won this game in the 5th inning 150:92.

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  1. kurtcobain2106 says:


  2. Mrphilharmonic says:

    Oh get a life!! I could play like this. PLEASE watch Walter Lindrum do the REAL stuff or watch Semih Saygener play REAL 3-cushion billiards. This is SOOO wimpy!

  3. SlickRick4EVER says:

    Mrphillharmonic: your s/n sounds like a fagot… phill harmonic. What are you, a music man? They’re queers! Seriously. Anyways, I would love to see you post a video of yourself playing balkline and making large runs than just sitting on your fat ass and typing shit, you fucking troll.

  4. SlickRick4EVER says:

    Saygener playing REAL 3-cushion… obviously you just look for the big massé shots then you fucking amateur. Watch the better players play: like Blomdahl, Caudron, Ceulemans, Sanchez from Spain, and Jaspers. By the way, REAL 3-CUSHION PLAYERS start somewhere, like (let’s just say): 1. Straight Rail; then 2. Balkline (47cm at first then 71cm the next); 3. Cushion Caroms (1-cushion)and then 3-Cushion. Pool is for BANGERS, get your pride out of your ass and get your facts straight, ya wanker!!

  5. Mrphilharmonic says:

    There is no need for this abuse friend! I am merely expressing an OPINION which I have a right to do. It’s not life or death. Sounds like you could do with some anger management or something as I detect a real attitude problem. Nonetheless, I have to express my appreciation for the videos you feature (Alex and Steve being two of my all time faves). So, I’ll accept your apology and wish you well in your snooker and hope you make the magic 147 someday. Best wishes.

  6. SlickRick4EVER says:

    excuse me?? Alex and Steve?? I have a passion for billiards of all forms and kinds, and you have to raunt and rave about somebody “getting a life”. See here: we both live in America. Only I have been very sick and tired of watching 9-ball and 8-ball Pocket Billiards (I am not calling this pool because it ain’t politicaly correct) where luck reins supreme. If you have not even seen how balkline is played, do your research. SERIOUSLY.

  7. SlickRick4EVER says:

    to Harmonic Phil: Sorry, I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I feel strongly about every billiard cueist who has dedicated their lives just to showcase their talent and I feel on the defensive when somebody does not take this into respect. As far as anger management, you have no damn clue about what balkline cueist have dediated their lives into just so that yall just spit them in the faces. If you haven’t tried it, then don’t comment anything pesimistic.

  8. henry612 says:

    great video of arnim kahofer playing balkline ! he is a famous and great player and the comment of Mrphilharmonic is stupid, it is necessary to respect all player of all disciplines, and the free game and the balkline is even more difficult than 3 cushion and artistique!

  9. BillardFriend says:

    1SOS! Please Europe send more Carom billiard product to America, especially stuff on the small games. There is Market potential here. I cannot even get an extra shaft for my Buffalo cue.

  10. SodatSobat says:

    is the cue a little shorter than pool cues?

  11. D3ViL1985 says:

    yes it is

  12. beaverdamz says:

    Yes it is smaller and the tip is 1mm or
    12 mm.

  13. tuitenlabi says:

    what you means balkline….(47cm and 71cm)
    can you please explain that short of games….tks

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