APA Dr. Cue Lesson 40 – Mental Aspect of Game Approach and Overall Enjoyment!!

Once the fine tuned mechanics of a player are executed shot after shot, game after game, and match after match, the overall perception of ones billiard journey may still have an unfavorable accent to it. This relates to a boring nature of practice for some and a persistent mystery for others. Getting in touch with the reason we were first attracted to pool in general can be the perfect prescription to long-term game health and enjoying the roll again. Discovering the sight and sound of our beautiful sport is often the hidden practice key for racking up a victory!!

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  1. cracka80 says:

    Great message. Reminds me why my favorite shots are the really long, slow-rolling shots that just seem to kind of glide across the table.

  2. Vampirecramps says:

    This is a great message. Thanks for posting a reminder on why we all like playing.

  3. rjohnson8ball says:

    Zen-ish… Smell the Roses & Be the Ball. I like.

  4. yetifootprints says:

    great tutorials dr. cue. i watched all the 40 videos in one go! thank you

  5. dimau19 says:

    im greatful that there is people out there like you that are willing to teach an awesome game. i started a couple of months ago and i love the game now.

  6. sexpistolsdaz says:

    This guys on crack

  7. RaSKaL1031 says:

    i play weekly for hours andafter a week away from the game i love to hear that first crack of the balls together the spreading to the balls over the table after the break and the unmistakable sound of the cue striking for the first time awesome THANK YOU DR CUE. YOUR AWESOME THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE HELPED ME A GREAT DEAL THANKS AGAIN

  8. ThePrideofZuerichGCZ says:

    great video!

  9. felipedp305 says:

    thank you Dr. Cue.

  10. pillsbury70db says:

    Great videos. I hope what i’ve learned here will help me and my team in Vegas this year. I hope to meet you in August

  11. motherpok says:

    thx alot mr cue XD

  12. colomblanco says:

    Most retarded video

  13. Snifit says:

    Love the message in this video, everyones reason why we enjoy pool, just the sounds and how smooth the whole game is when you got it all down and that good feeling of seeing a ball go in the hole with one shot.

  14. misha1987987 says:

    this guy is so high

  15. 241988tom says:

    there is something about being at the pub and making a long slow shot and everyone just pauses for a second and watches the ball go.

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