APA Dr. Cue – Lesson 37 – Special Masse Application

The half masse has a special beauty of its own, as evidenced by one of the most popular challenges of all time the Passing Lane shot! A cue ball frozen to an object ball provides pure shooting enjoyment when the half masse allows the cue ball to pass the object ball on the way to the corner pocket with the object ball following it into the same pocket. Also called the Great Race and Sea Biscuit shot!! Mike Massey calls this shot Scratching with Style!!

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  1. hibikino says:

    Holy shit.

  2. hidden4est says:

    nice..you got me on that one.. after 6 attempts.

  3. nikehead1988 says:

    sick shit

  4. Foxtrot357 says:


  5. phatd2012 says:


  6. Capieno1 says:

    isn’t that a foul shot tho?

  7. rhmsr63 says:

    i believe its a bad shot too.

  8. betancourtarnaldo says:

    not that is not a foul shot, and actually is a good shot!!!!!!! NICE JOB, Dr.CUE!!!

  9. aznelf13 says:

    no it’s not a foul cuz he didnt scratch, he hit the 8 ball first, as long he gets hit ball in, it is perfectly fine to get ur opponent’s balls in.

  10. rhmsr63 says:

    thanks for your info bro. have a nice day.

  11. soffitguy8 says:

    its not a foul .he hit the object ball first

  12. TezRay says:

    Thats a foul in British pool

  13. scubba777 says:


  14. lakunas23 says:

    Great shot. If the balls are frozen and you elevate your cue it isn’t considered a foul in the international WPA rules. A foul shot is when you push a object ball with the cue ball while while your cue is contacting the cue ball, and with a masse the contact is minimum. A full both contact has a nasty sound effect, that you can spot when you do this incorrectly.

  15. EADizzle says:

    It’s not a foul in APA leagues, which is the channel on which you are watching the video. Hmmm…

  16. chavezglassworks says:

    not a push at 45 degrees smart ass.

  17. LukeQuietus says:

    @soffitguy8 It is a foul if you pot an opponents ball. Doesn’t matter what ball you hit first. It’s a nice shot but in most leagues it would lose you the game.

  18. lakunas23 says:

    In most leagues it isn’t a foul to pocket an opponents ball, if you hit yours first. Anyway in the international rules, I compete under in Europe.

  19. kozkhriz says:

    it is a foul if you make the other guy’s ball first!

  20. lither says:

    @LukeQuietus if you pot an opponents ball it’s not a foul. Please show me rules for that.

  21. krlos71 says:

    its not most leagues its apa dummy

  22. krlos71 says:

    its not most leagues dummy its apa hence the apa logo lol its not a foul

  23. CrankyxPants says:

    Great trickshot that demonstrates the logic bending things that 2 balls and stick can accomplish.

    Chance of seeing this shot in a match? zero

  24. WhizzKid84 says:


  25. Kanic7x7 says:

    loool? Pro much ?!

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