APA Dr. Cue – Lesson 36 – Foundation for Masse!!

Players have been focusing on masse shots for centuries! Masse mean to hammer and normally is magnetic to the fans of our sport when the cue is raised to elevations over 45 degrees. The foundation for this difficult technique is found in less dangerous cue movements with lower angles to the table playfield. Anyone wanting to learn the vertical masse technique is encouraged to start with simple aiming and stroke principles of the half masse. Curving around an object ball that has you half blocked will build confidence before attempting the extreme and could save you hundreds of dollars in the process!!

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  1. Tinnguyen123 says:

    I’ve been wondering how to do that 🙂

  2. HankHillDoesWork says:

    that shot has saved my ass so many times

  3. dreaminspired says:

    Nice video! I usually hit a little higher, will your next video talk about fine tuning the masse to improve control?

  4. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    I did this ages ago. I have a more intructional video for this 🙂

  5. dougiepoolable says:

    i cany find a cue what i can afford :S

  6. djkurse1 says:

    why not just bank it?

  7. wiiman1099 says:

    @djkurse1 you only do this if theres sumthing in the way of a bank

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