APA Dr. Cue – Lesson 35 – Jumping with English!!

The vertical applications of English to a jump shot are for position requirements to a specific shot at hand. High hits on the cue ball will make the cue ball follow after the jump and low hits on the cue ball will make the cue ball draw after the jump, assuming the prior foundation principle for jumping is followed. Speed and incline for the jump!! High and low tip placements for position!!

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  1. Hendawghens says:

    Wow, this is so simple and well executed. I’m really impressed. Your pool playing ability is as good as your pool teaching ability. Very precise, thorough, and solid from years of experience. It’s wonderful to see people who are real role models now days. Exceptional attitude, performance, and teaching ability.

  2. cuedeane says:

    Thank you for your very kind and supportive comments.

    May you always “enjoy the roll” and Rack Up A Victory in your game and life!!

    Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman

  3. 1000MileLost says:

    never knew this was llegal tight

  4. rachelluvsGAGA says:

    my jumps are sloppy – this helped! the only advantage my bf has on me is a perfect jump ball, so thanks for the help! the jump ball IS illegal? i thought so, but wasn’t sure…..

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