APA Dr. Cue – Lesson 30 – Changing Direction of Frozen Cue Ball/Object Ball

www.poolplayers.com – Knowing how to change the direction of an object ball when it is frozen to the cue ball is worth its 6 ounce weight in gold, so to speak! When a cue stick strokes straight through legally, the object ball will take an opposite direction from the cue ball english being applied. In addition, when stroking the cue ball at an angle to a frozen setup, the object ball will go in the same direction as the cue stick is pointed. Many shots not appearing on or make friendly can find their way to an intended pocket via these golden throw principles!

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  1. retrojunki89 says:

    cool didnt know there were things like this on utube

  2. Kollek89 says:

    lol same ;;;

  3. nilesmc says:

    2 very important concepts to have in the toolbox.

  4. vicarious709 says:

    damn no more vids

  5. ConquerorEnEmY says:

    yea thats the end…

  6. ConquerorEnEmY says:

    nice and hard shots good job

  7. Danm708 says:

    I think i’ll go try some of that stuff now… lol

  8. flyfly4u says:

    what are all the different types of pool, ( the games)? where can I find out how to set up the balls in the rack?how do you know where to put the cue ball after you have made it in to one of the holes and you take it back out?

  9. ShadesDallas says:

    Thank you Dr. Cue!

  10. davdd69 says:

    2nd shot was amazing

  11. dreaminspired says:

    very nice, I’ve had that come up in games before and never knew how to deal with it other than jacking up on the shot to prevent from pushing. thanks! 🙂

  12. bushputz says:

    It’s called Google

  13. trumanhw says:

    The second variation can be further exaggerated when needed by using INSIDE english, which also helps avoid a double hit on the cue ball. HOWEVER, the first shot, if they were frozon or not, in my view, is a foul. If the cue ball goes forward without pausing for follow to cause it, how could it NOT be a foul??

  14. erez615 says:


    thanks anyways :3

  15. playfulchild says:

    0:51 the little things get to me

  16. COLUMBINE1818 says:

    Are there any videos explaining how to make shots when the cue ball is frozen to a rail and the object ball is not on a rail?

  17. anthony3591 says:

    what a shot, very simple to understand

  18. djkurse1 says:

    i can do those!

  19. vsegoru says:


  20. vsegoru says:

    cool shot

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