APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Pool Lesson 5: The Grip

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 5 The Grip – Most problems with what goes on in front of the body are the direct result of what goes on behind the body and are normally centered on “the grip”. Holding the cue too tightly with the rear “gripping” hand will cause the cue to spring upward on cue ball contact. “Squeeze the Charmin”

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  1. videoaccess001 says:

    Awesome. Hope this helps, I know I was off but I made it work the way I was doing it

  2. hitman89141 says:

    the thing with the thumb having to point down at a 90 degree angle is bullsh*t, because it forces you to twist you hand to the side

  3. patman1835 says:

    Sadly, the angle of the camera doesn’t really allow for a clear view of what The Dr. is saying about the thumb position!! 🙁

  4. Joe22c says:

    American Psychological Association?

    just playin 😀

  5. McVeeth says:

    when ya gotta go ya gotta go, but don’t squeeze the charmen.

  6. chichang79 says:

    THANK YOU!! for the tip of the thumb, I know my mistakes now, THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  7. UltimoLatino says:

    Every guy squeezes the charmen every once and a while…some times multiple times a day!

  8. ryanzeelee says:

    Why call it a cue stick???
    It’s a POOL CUE.

  9. RabidTurkey2k8 says:

    i saw about 50 thats what she jokes in a row

  10. adamchannel says:

    rofl, indeed

  11. DriffyFilms says:

    Great Vids

  12. perfectshot77 says:

    Look up Allison Fisher the video where she’s at the practice table and being personaly video’d, then look at her thumb, its not straight down.

  13. ozmar3 says:

    muy buen video pero hacen falta que esten en esoañol para poder entender muchas cosas

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