APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Pool Lesson 4: The Closed Bridge

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 4 The Closed Bridge – As a player becomes more adept at english control and hand adjustments for holding the cue, the “closed bridge” should be considered. This support tool will allow for flexibility to draw better and increase speed with more accuracy. Most players at higher skill levels use this bridge.

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  1. daiton64 says:

    i dont know y but i suck balls at closed bridge

  2. AJComixII says:


    And that’s my joke for the day. Great videos though.

  3. TSsun says:

    hands too small?

  4. IProphetI says:

    have accelerators running?

  5. DC1903 says:

    …and thats according to mr.cue (gunshots in background, cue hits the floor)

  6. 1111111dave says:

    It is very dangerous advice even if you are kidding, to suggest some one Super Glue there fingers together.
    If some pore bastard tr-yes it he probably will need a doctor to cut his fingers apart.

  7. apaleagues says:

    Very true.

    Hey kids! – The good Dr. Cue was kidding. Don’t use super glue on your fingers.

  8. Petrikau says:

    Yep, don’t do this at home. Only professionals can super glue their fingers.

  9. lifegiver36 says:

    ahh thanks for the warning but its a little to late. I’m off to the hospital now.

  10. PharcydePhreak says:

    these videos fuckin rock. I’m actually picking up my game. 😀

  11. hidden4est says:

    don’t let your hand fall down, very helpful, it seems to bring your hold body into line.

  12. VoxSweden says:

    I think you need bigger glasses, Dr. Cue

  13. grime909 says:

    is he kiding put super glue he stupid that may damage the skin

  14. libertatus says:

    He’s just kidding about the super-glue. At his clinics he’s part comedian as well as phenomenal technician.

  15. flyculture21 says:

    Dr. Cue your the man…Keep it up I’m actually getting alot better with your tips and instructions. You have a great deal of knowledge and you explain easilly in a universal way that reaches everyone.

  16. CadillacMatt95 says:

    Acetone will do the trick pretty easy too but still not worth all the hassle 😉

  17. ematt454 says:

    F%$K! I wish I knew it was just a joke before the tournament last night. Now every one I see thinks im “OK”

  18. Monatee says:

    So, the closed grip offers control, accuracy but does not offer height for the cue stick, in that case, a tall open bridge grip is used

  19. shaana111 says:

    Actually if you watch lesson 3 and THEN lesson 4, you will notice that in lesson 3 he says “IMAGINE – that there is a drop of superglue between your thumb and your finger” – he is just carrying that forward into lesson 4. Of course nobody would advise you to *actually* superglue your fingers together!

  20. MuskyMan111 says:

    @apaleagues Fingernail polish remover dissolves super glue

  21. lvbohemian says:

    Ok, lets see… first somebody is going to superglue their fingers together because somebody says “Pretend” your fingers are super-glued together…
    Anybody with over a double-digit IQ can comprehend the point being made…

    Lack of common-sense = Darwin Awards… Natural Attrition.

    What’s that the comedian says?

    You Can’t Fix Stupid…

    Dr. Cue is a Doctor of Billiardology, ESPN & World Masters trick shot Champion and having seen him play in person… as the saying goes is the real deal…

  22. orido01 says:

    Thanks Dr. Cue. Your advice has helped me improve my game immensely.

    No matter how much I try, I can’t seem to be able to get my closed bridge good enough to get the accuracy to justify using it over the open bridge. I hope it does improve with time.

  23. Daninater567 says:

    is that a balabushka?

  24. MsnVidio says:

    xD dålig haha

  25. Longie says:

    Haha yeah, of course he was kidding. However, if you guys tried it, you don’t need a doctor, just some nail polish remover, dunk your fingers in it and the superglue will dissolve and you’ll be unharmed (except for maybe your ego if you get busted)

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