APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Pool Lesson 3: The “Open, Tower, or V Bridge”

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 3 The “Open, Tower, or V Bridge” – The front hand should support the cue stick with an easy to understand formation and comfort in shooting. The “open, tower, or V Bridge” does just that. All beginning players should consider this bridge to start with. Over time they will find advanced uses for it in specific game situations.

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  1. videoaccess001 says:

    A lot of people will find this video helpful.

  2. aftereffects says:

    fantastic, many thanks for this video

  3. FUZEBALLE says:

    these vieos are so short… but so to the point!!! theyre so good

  4. xXxwhitetiger says:

    thats how i shoot

  5. rezz110 says:

    you are so right!

  6. billabong2235 says:

    you look a little lit mr feeny from boy meets world

  7. raghid1994 says:

    billabong is right he looks exactly like him 😛

  8. itisme400 says:

    or just learn snooker you wimp!!!!!

  9. itisme400 says:

    why dont you two get a fekking room…..uuurrggggghhh

  10. rezz110 says:

    We were waiting for a third companion. You are so into it.

  11. itisme400 says:

    errrmmmm…..mayyybeee lol

  12. PharcydePhreak says:

    I know! lol these videos rock for somebody just picking up a cue.

  13. robertslistening says:

    It appears you still have something to learn. The heel pad of the thumb is not even touching the table. Take some lessons from Stephen Hendry.

  14. Kylemfrey says:

    It looks like you still have something to learn, the heel pad of the thumb should not touch the table if it is your creating loose of a V shape for the cue to sit in. Instead of it being a true V it would become something of an L shape causing horrible inaccuracy in your game.

  15. b0rn2k3l says:

    rofl “according to dr.cue) love that bit X D

  16. hrk4evr says:

    heard of google…….???

  17. jhavid2 says:

    i changed to another window and heard the opening audio and i was like “omg not another hot for words video”

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