APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Pool Lesson 1: Chalking Up!!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 1 Chalking Up – The primary key to a disciplined and productive pool game is a good mechanical and mental preshot routine. Standing behind the cue ball and “chalking up” every time in this position will assure an “interlude” or “time out” to image exactly what you want to do in a fluent and rhythmic manner.

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  1. apaleagues says:

    We are reposting this series along with a whole bunch of new ones. Enjoy!

  2. Aim101 says:

    Good stuff man. I’m going to follow all your lessons and see how it goes. Thanks!

  3. videoaccess001 says:

    Man I wish I had a room like that to shoot pool in. And good tips. Hope they get more advanced.

  4. RSPM says:

    Another point, try to do everything exactly the same each time you approach the table. You will develop a “memory” of muscles and thoughts. Make it a ritual.

  5. WhiteBoyAsian says:

    I understand the mental aspect of chalking up to get time to think about your shot, but does the chalk really matter in giving better grip on the cue tip in the shot?

  6. ChillinCherokee says:

    of course it does.

  7. seanyboy1012 says:

    yaaaa idiot

  8. krystian1333 says:

    Learn your spelling before talking smack to other people,and proper grammar.

  9. 310286 says:

    he didnt really explain how to chalk

  10. ScotchW10 says:

    this guy bridges weird.

  11. deathgrind291 says:

    Its generally how American 8Ball and 9ball players bridge
    some snooker players use it when the cue ball is tight on a cushion/rail

  12. zBoost says:

    do you need tutorial how to stay on your feet ?

  13. harrimankeren says:

    what’s chalking up for? i still dont know.. can somebody tell me?

  14. ThatsWhatImTalkingB says:

    chalking up is what Im talking about

  15. stavari says:

    when you want to hit the ball not in the centre but in an angle in order to spin and help you put in the next ball and you dont have chalk then the cue “slips” and the white goes sideways(like 0:37 ) but when you chalk there is grip so you hit the white… it goes strait… put it has the spin so it helps you put the other ball easily (if you spined right)
    i explained as much simplier i could…
    sorry if a made mistakes or the vocabulary doesn’t make sense but i’m not american either english..

  16. justmeppl says:

    I love shooting

  17. ematt454 says:

    To Dr Cue and anyone else who posts training videos. THANK YOU for all your time and effort. Its good people like you that let poor people like me learn for free 🙂

  18. bore2008 says:

    Thank You Dr Cue I saw you quite a few years ago in Truro NS Canada. Your the best…

  19. jerm138 says:

    Most of these videos are good, but this one is just silly.
    Here’s what I get out of this: The purpose of chalking is to give you a “time out” to think about your next shot…
    I would expect a lesson on chalking to explain HOW to chalk the stick properly, instead of just drilling the tip into the chalk cube like most people do.

  20. brooklynboiz says:


    Do you really need an explanation on how to put chalk on a stick? lol

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