APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 9: Cue Ball Control…Drawing the Cue Ball

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 9 Cue Ball Control…Drawing the Cue Ball! “Drawing the cue ball” is the first of several advanced techniques for position play. Success in this area requires a very loose “grip” and a firm “bridge”. The cue must accelerate through the cue ball upon impact and the cue must maintain a level plane movement. Drawing is an “art”!

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  1. motorguitarist says:

    You are a great teacher.

  2. videoaccess001 says:

    I will be shooting draw shots this way now. Using the closed bridge.

  3. ProphecyKJC says:

    i primarily use the v-bridge for every shot but i think i will try to utilize the closed bridge a little more.

  4. wags407 says:

    I’m gonna start trying the closed bridge again. I always had sticking problems before.

  5. RSPM says:

    If you’re having problems with the cue stick, sticking to your hands, try washing and drying them, (your hands not the cue), really well, sounds silly but, it helps. Don’t use powder!! It only gums up your shaft and makes a mess of the table. If all else fails, (and there’s not a sink in sight), wrap a dollar bill, loosely around the shaft, to act as a barrier between your sweaty hands and the shaft.

  6. Mcrxwolf says:

    or you could buy one of tose special gloves(those with three finger…)

  7. taniaoal says:

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    o tu madre se morira,
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  8. taniaoal says:

    Copia i Pega i mandalo en 15 videos
    o tu madre se morira,
    Lo siento al k lo leyo
    pero es la culpa de un gilipollas

  9. faceplant09 says:

    you learn real much 🙂

  10. herbiethebarber says:

    Ok this one sucked, noting about follow thru, staying down, not JABBING! etc. I love you Dr. Cue, but please be more specific!

  11. ObeyMeFool says:


  12. jaysucks312 says:

    haha! learned this in physics class 🙂

    honestly, your videos are great for beginner pool players..but please change the music ._.” its stuck in my head..

  13. onjai88 says:

    you are god Dr. Cue.. thanks!

  14. 86shortbox says:

    its all about follow thru!!! and he didnt even mention that…

  15. bringinglove81 says:

    what are those for exactly?

  16. Megan61302 says:

    Less friction on the stick, easier slide, more graceful shot.

  17. zeratulkun says:

    te la rifaste con la del trenecito =)

  18. aznelf13 says:

    i think everyshot needs a followthru

  19. gachviet says:


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  20. vincentwu says:

    @aznelf13 not always. a poke stroke can create different cue ball effects as well

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