APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 6: Aiming

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 6 Aiming – The first part of “aiming” is to establish the “object ball travel line”. This line is very simple to calculate and is a straight line from the center of the object ball to the center of the pocket opening determined for each shot. Shooting 15 balls without a cue ball will engrain aiming confidence.

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  1. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    thanks tom 🙂

  2. levellimitareab says:

    such useful information…lolz

  3. RSPM says:

    lol I used to use a Coke bottle. Stroke the cue in the open bottle without touching the sides.

  4. hitman89141 says:

    when he shoots the 3 ball in, look at his cue and how he delivers it through the ball: his stroke is not even straight, the cue comes from the side and doesn’t follow trough in a straight line behind the object ball

  5. lukrecja1201 says:

    Using a bottle like this is indeed a good training . I do that also 😀

  6. oilslug says:

    i wonder how much that guy gets laid. i honestly hope its a lot. beause that guy is AWESOME!

  7. lilcurtiscb says:

    ive seen this guy beat mike massey in trick pool on TV. pretty sure hes good lol.

  8. andyfrankvideos says:

    lol that’s disgusting!

  9. krystian1333 says:


  10. pollymatication says:

    not a great teacher, he didn’t explain why its harder to pot from an angle… unless he did in a previous video that i can’t be bothered to watch.

  11. cooldudethegreatspy says:

    awesome videos

  12. teenytainytz says:

    WOW!!!! OMGOSH!!!! That has to be the most helpful advice I’ve ever gotten! To just practice shooting the ball in without the cue! I cant believe no one suggested that to me before!!! I love these videos (^_^)

  13. tequila0506 says:

    these videos are super helpful! short and to the point! thanks!

  14. robertslistening says:

    You should take a look a your cue stroke. Your arm swings away from your hip on the way through.

  15. c0deh4x says:

    I have this guy’s autograph and my step dad knows him personally. He’s awesome!

  16. mratliff24 says:

    lol…when i was in college in Maryland, he came and just played pool in our dorm lobby for like 4 hours…lol..of course he had his merchandise and different things, but he just played games of pool with us. it was kind of funny really, seeing how as i walked out of my dorm room and into the lobby, tom rossman was standing there playing pool…lol..he really is a great guy….and wants to teach people the game

  17. VichisMrKayo says:

    @mratliff24 yea i go 2 college @ UMES and i played him a few weeks ago…really cool dude…and very knowledgeable about the game.

  18. willfullyobscure says:

    you should play him for a money game, dude.

  19. hrk4evr says:


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