APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 31: Special Formula for Throw Calculations

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 31 Special Formula for Throw Calculations – When two object balls are frozen to each other, players often guess as to whether the ball closest to the desired pocket will go. A simple calculation will remove the throw guesswork on your road to shot victory! An easy to understand formula using object ball direction and the distance to the pocket for that ball is at your doorstep! Hitting the 1st ball in the combo half ball and on the opposite side that you want the pocket ball to go will produce huge benefits and add a boost to your shooting confidence! Medium speed and no english required!!

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  1. dave1234fuknab says:

    pretty damn obvious doc

  2. mastshke says:

    don’t dishoner the doc dude lol

  3. nobodyspecial4u says:

    is there a way to use a stop and back spin to set up a shot for the first ball to go into the same pocket?

  4. dreaminspired says:

    very nice, quite happy! 🙂

  5. fishuk says:

    The APPA pool league. Where there are lots of female pool players. And they’re all smoking hot. And happy.


  6. shortstopnumba19 says:

    i love throws

  7. scubba777 says:

    Why is that every pool league near me has no hot chicks, just old men and their fat wives?

  8. riko100000 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaw naice man i like this
    …. i want play

  9. Theauthenticmindset says:

    Wrong physics Dr. cue. It has nothing to do with friction between the 2 balls, its just the transfer of energy from the cue ball to the last object ball. It is like treating the 2 balls as one object since both are frozen together.

  10. GetMeThere1 says:

    @Theauthenticmindset : You couldn’t be more wrong, dope. A practical demonstration of the importance of friction in throw is given in a DrDaveBilliards video showing that the throw effect doesn’t happen if you put silicone (or even a little spit from your mouth) between the frozen balls.

  11. rjohnson8ball says:

    @nobodyspecial4u It is close to impossible for backspin on the cue ball to transfer enough topspin onto the 1st ball so that after it moves the 2nd ball, the 1st ball continues forward. Instead, hit accurately with lots of topspin on the cue ball and it will pile drive both balls ahead. Alternately in cases with inches between the 2 balls, cloth friction can help the 1st ball get a forward rolling motion.

  12. rjohnson8ball says:

    @nobodyspecial4u Sorry, I may have misunderstood. Yes, you can get position on the remaining ball by putting backspin on. You can use side spin to produce some throw (rather than cutting the 1st ball) allowing you to draw straight back for the same pocket on the remaining ball.

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