APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 29: Game Victory with Imaginary Position!!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 29 Game Victory with Imaginary Position – No one is immune from missing an easy 8-ball to win the game. During a game a player makes a ball and plays position a maximum 7 out of 8 shots or 87.5% of the time. On the final shot the brain registers making the ball, but not playing position. The brain short circuits, so to speak, 12.5% of the time, and does not understand why it is not playing position on the final shot. This right brain thing can be fixed by creating a mental ball for imaginary position to an easy place on the table. Shooting the 8-ball now becomes part of the normal shooting journey with a subsequent imaginary shot providing victory!

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  1. Diasanti says:

    Never thought of that. Thanks for the advice.

  2. hayato10 says:

    Yes, that is true… and sometimes one may notice that he or she scratches the cue ball on the final 8 ball because he or she does not play imaginary position.

  3. DallasGreen123 says:

    i once realized that the game was over after ten hours of waiting 🙁

  4. dviperracer05 says:

    but dont set for too dangerous of an imaginary ball

  5. mastshke says:

    I once played this man in the gameroom at umbc got my butt handed too me but got a good autographed picture..he taught me how to break and everything of course..Thank you Dr. Que my sensi

  6. cyapoel says:

    it’s real rocks !

    is the best way to have the game sure and save in my opinion…

  7. projectlxix says:

    wouldn’t it also make sense to actually play defensive on the 8ball shot cue position? find a good spot to leave the cue for a more difficult shot for your opponent? So it wouldn’t even have to be imaginary. Just a thought…

  8. Hr9C0 says:

    I just pretend i won the game off break and walk off even though I didnt. It works.

  9. Hr9C0 says:

    I was thinking that. I’d rather think of safety, control power on 8 just incase u do miss.

  10. yuletak says:

    Hm, I’ll have to start keeping tabs on making the 8/9 ball for wins and see what happens if I don’t play imaginary position. Usually I’ll do something to the cue ball to prevent it from scratching or just stopping it, so effectively playing some kind of position w/o meaning to.

  11. yuletak says:

    I’d say that would depend on your opponent and their ball positions. For example, if the 8 ball is at the far end of the table, your opp can make routine shots, and they’ve got one or two make-able balls (in your estimation), then yeah, I’d try to hide the cue ball with the 8 or put the cue ball on or as close to a rail as I could.

  12. lakunas23 says:

    A great tip for beginners. I compete and also show to newer players that trick. It prevents you from scratching when playing carelessly and the worst thing in a tournament is to scratch on pocketing the 8 ball.

  13. vbwebsites says:

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