APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 28: Cutting Shots to Your Better Side!!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 28 Cutting Shots to Your Better Side – Some players cut object balls better to their right and some players cut object balls better to their left. The exercise in this segment will help you determine which is better for you. In addition, watching your opponent play specific cut shots during the game will reveal which cut side they play better toward. Remembering this will give you the edge in playing defense. You should always favor leaving your opponent a cut opposite their better side!!

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  1. j3ffguy2009 says:

    dr.cue is a very helpful teacher and have learned alot from his videos.and would recomend these type of videos to everyone that wants to improve there shooting skills from beginer to novice. there is always room to learn more about pool if you are really into shooting either for fun or in a league.

  2. rhmsr63 says:

    thanks a lot dr. cue. more power.

  3. crostorm1 says:

    why did he return the cue ball back on 0:58 XD

  4. zxcvbnmgeorge says:

    hes crap american pool is the easyest game ever i would like to see the top american pool players play snooker

    only drago is the only one with could play snooker

  5. shuebner001 says:

    Have you ever seen Mike Masse shoot 3 cushion billiards? A 75+ game of snooker for him would be a walk in the park.

  6. Reviar says:

    I do not understand what he means with this video. Could anyone explain it even easier?

  7. Drinero says:

    Some people find it harder to cut balls in a particular direction. Depending on if you shoot right or left handed, it is possible to have an awkward position when you address the cue ball while cutting in different directions.

  8. WhitestFrank says:

    lol u sound funny by talking about cutting balls and stuff. thats gross. but good anyways 🙂

  9. sum4182 says:

    its all about the natural feel of the cue ball itself!
    As a pool player myself its easier to understand it.

    If you feel comfortable playing the shot play it,, but play it too hard with more spin then confidence u will go in off and the white will go in..
    But if u play it with more confidence u can cut the ball on your stronger side and u will automatically know what to do with the white ball!
    Its all about feel, control, and confidence…

  10. sum4182 says:

    Its all about the natural feel of the cue ball itself!
    As a pool player myself its easier to understand these comments he made..
    I played each shot 10 times and my right side was the strongest and i felt more comfortable and i also have confidence playing it..
    Having said that i can also play with my left hand but not with so much confidence but averaging 60+% with it..
    Its just a technique to see which hand or side you feel more comfortable playing with

  11. sum4182 says:

    its all about the natural feel of the cue ball itself, As a pool player myself its easier for me to understand what hes saying..
    Its all about confidence, feel and control..
    Im right handed and my strong side is the right side as i have more confidence playing those kind of shots.. Having said that i can also play with my left hand, Not with so much confidence but averaging 60+% per game..

    It doesnt matter what hand you are or how u play the shot, Just remember its all about confidence..

  12. mmcau says:

    it has something to do with which of your eye is dominant.

    most right handed people are left-eyed.

  13. tifferdile1 says:

    Actually most right-handed people are right-eyed. If they are left-eyed it’s called cross dominance… this is somewhat common but it’s still opposite of normal…

  14. mmcau says:

    Thanks for the correction! i didn’t know that.

    would you know if most right handed cue sport players are either of the two?

  15. tifferdile1 says:

    You know I’m not sure. I’ve heard of plenty of players of each. If you watch the way a player aims you can tell. If they lay their head next to the cue to sight with the right eye down the cue, they are right eyed. If they cross their chin over to the other side a bit, they are left eyed. And if they put their head right in the middle, they’re probably using both eyes to some extent (though they’re usually using more left). At least, that’s how I understand it. 🙂

  16. mo2cros says:

    if you start thinking about which way your better at cutting, your thinking too much. You think too much you miss.

  17. justmeppl says:

    MMCAU. That is a load of crap. Right handers are righ eye. Here is a fact. Military weapons, the m16a2 rifle is a right handed gun for the righ eye. Few are right handed with left eye dom. Im sure your a doctor like me right?

  18. sdc2008 says:

    Not argueing but im right handed w/ left eye dominant lol

  19. Rustin57 says:

    In regards to just me, You are correct, but there are also a select few of us that can control which eye we are focusing out of, and which hand is dominant… Does not really pertain to the video or learning how to figure out what side you shoot pool best with, but still worth mentioning in this argument…

  20. CadillacMatt95 says:


  21. CadillacMatt95 says:

    However when I shoot darts I use my right arm/right eye… strange

  22. acdc10133 says:

    i’m right handed but play pool left handed, i break right handed lol

  23. quickdrawmcgraw141 says:

    @tifferdile1 i.e. baseball players lol

  24. bryanzkhi says:

    i’m right handed but when im playing basketball i shoot with my left especially at 3pt line.. lol pretty weird eh? 😀

  25. dwp39 says:

    dr cue is awesome, if you ever get a chance to attend one of his trickshot demonstrations, do so, i’ve seen him a couple of times at sidepockets, lenexa, what a great show, and the technique he shows can really improve your game,

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