APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 27: Position Practice (Shot Identity #4)!!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 27 Position Practice (Shot Identity #4) – The backwards cut to the corner with the cue ball traveling to the opposite side cushion, across the table center, and beyond, as needed for position, will surely take your game to the next level and beyond. Take a little extra time for shot making accuracy and precision draw with side spin action application. A crisp follow thru with a solid closed bridge will give you the results you are looking for!!

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  1. ydbudokai says:

    You’re great

  2. vicarious709 says:


  3. ConquerorEnEmY says:

    so hard to do

  4. ConquerorEnEmY says:


  5. cyapoel says:

    what cue it is ?

  6. iCarroller says:

    My all round game is very good. Just have to work on my break.

  7. iCarroller says:

    Hit the bottom centre of the ball. Catch it with like a grip. Thats how you get perfect spin.

  8. peidobufas says:

    this shot become easier in american tables which have pockets where fit almost or maybe 2 balls!! in my country “Portugal” our tables have holes to much smaller than the american tables..just fit a ball and a pencil!!! so i think i would made this shot easier in american tables..im my country’s tables is very hard to do it ..just come to portugal and prove yourself lol a good place to training..

  9. chavezglassworks says:

    isn’t the break a part of the all around game.

  10. LeonFleisherFan says:

    That’s debatable, I guess. Back when Straight Pool was the game of choice, no one practiced any shots that implied “unnecessary” body movement – the break shot, at least for most people who aren’t extremely tall, strong, and have a black belt in martial arts (i.e. can move fast despite all their muscles), technically IS a completely different shot that they’ll need to practice separately. And it’s definitely worth it! That’s just my two cents’ worth, of course…

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