APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 24: Position Practice (Shot Identity #1)

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 24 Position Practice (Shot Identity #1) – Playing position should be a dedicated point of focus for any player during successful pre-shot routine imagery. To accomplish this with consistency of stroke the “identity” of specific shots that are most common to the game can be established. When these “identified” shots come up, a special mental “comfort” provides confidence of shot execution. Playing “back to” and “across the center” of the table on the popular “cut to the corner” identity shot in this segment will produce great results!!

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  1. forcefollow says:

    Thanks for the video.

  2. LoNgOtHeLeGeNd93 says:


  3. krystian1333 says:


  4. mtszabo says:

    That’s a commom misconception. If it were a 2-dimensional game it would be simple geometry. When it’s 3-d and there are spinning spheres involved, it becomes physics.

    Yes, I’m a nerd. Sorry :o)

  5. krystian1333 says:

    I ment to write “physics” there too.

  6. holocrono says:

    you MEANT to write geometry and didn’t know better.

  7. DrummyT65 says:

    Although most of these ideas are based in simple geometry, there’s weight, mass, speed, friction, deflection, angle of action/reaction, and gravity. So yeah it’s physics, but let’s not split hairs.

  8. chavezglassworks says:

    yeah knowing physics really does help your game you know what going on instead of guessing.

  9. ovidie85 says:

    It also have a lot to do with biology, chemistry and psychology, because Homo sapiens is wheeling the cue… He,he,he…

  10. lordgabb says:

    @mtszabo NOOB! even in 2D (X and Y) its geometry and physics (but is not real scenario, because the “flat ball” can spin in 2D). In 3D it have 1 more variable X, Y and Z and it stills geometry and physics. It does NOT become nothing. It IS both.
    FAILED as a nerd too.

  11. mtszabo says:

    The “flat ball” (often pronounced, “circle”) can only spin clockwise or counter-clockwise. A sphere can spin forward, backward, left, right, and any combination thereof. Physics extends geometric concepts into a real-wold scenario. And who said anything about something becoming nothing? And why are you bothering to respond to a year-old comment? And really, who says, “NOOB” anymore?

  12. DesmondChen says:


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