APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 23: Buying the Right Cue (What to look for)

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 23 Buying the Right Cue (What to look for) – There are thousands of cues available for purchase in the marketplace today. Learning what to look for will help you make an informed and investor wise decision in the cue buying process. Knowing the parts of a cue that affect your game performance and overall shooting enjoyment can be helpful tips in your search for not only a long lasting cue, but also one that feels like an “extension of your arm”.

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  1. Tybo039 says:

    z 314 2 the way to go

  2. jtmoney606 says:

    i got a viking with a predator 314 shaft and shoot very well with it!!!!

  3. luzzulfartli94 says:

    he is the 2008 trickshot champion

  4. mtszabo says:

    I have a McDermott with a 314 shaft. I love it. I went from a 4 to a 5 shortly after getting the shaft. Definitely helped improve my accuracy.

  5. flyfly4u says:

    so is the ring under the skinny one good or bad?

  6. onjai88 says:

    wow.. i had no idea cue sticks were that expensive…

  7. franklinjonesii says:


  8. crazydude75927 says:

    Did he mention weight, taper, shaft diameter,hti, or feal? These are major factors in choosing a cue!!! I dont think this was greatly informative. I do apreciate what doctor cue does for the begginers in our great game.

  9. Traceurb says:

    its not about age!!

  10. ducky811 says:

    OMFG!!!! There are cues that range from $20 to $200,000 and more. The super expensive cues are usually top brands or custom made cues from different cuemakers. As Dr. Cue was saying it all depends on how much custom work is on a cue that determines it’s price.

  11. cyapoel says:

    McDermott M82C Assassins Predator 314-2

  12. jojoson22 says:

    i have a predator ikon 4 but instead of the 314 shaft i opted for the Z2. I bought my cue back in january and i play in league 5 nights a week and i am still trying to get used to it. moral: if your a beginner or novice i would advise buying something cheap and easy to use and work your way up to the more expensive and challenging cues. you dont need to waste your time or money on a shaft that decreases deflection if you havnt incorporated deflection into your game yet.

  13. patrickpicache108 says:

    Absolutely!I play with a 10$ cue and i beat lots of people.lol

  14. Memememe46 says:

    I have a Viking G02 , Awesome novice cue.

  15. 2pistolcorky says:

    Efren Reyes played won a tournament with a 15 dollar cue… all that otherstuff doesnt matter as long as its durable and lasts long

  16. crazydude75927 says:

    lol I think you would need the 7 from me if you think things like weight taper shaft diameter hit and feel dont matter.

  17. demerol420 says:

    I also have predator IKON #2!!! Its the shit! Predator is unbelivable!! The difference is crazy if you really know what your doing!!

  18. lakunas23 says:

    Dr. Cue is a great teacher. What you really look for when buying a first cue is the right weight (19.oz is considered the best, and most competitors use that), you learn about shafts and shaft technology when your game improves. 314’s are considered best, however beginners can’t really tell the difference or use it correctly to their advantage. Fiberglass covered shafts aren’t really players choice, since their glide is somewhat awkward (people use gloves with those mostly).

  19. inconspicous31060 says:

    i never seen a bank shot video worth using in the game

  20. vaginasweat123 says:

    a $20 or a $500,000 cue stick will not make a shark an there more to a cue then the dr is telling you so don,t buy it becuse it look pretty buy for what it needed for breaking or just shooting an how the stick feels too you in your hands.

  21. bacardipr05 says:

    I think the Dr. Cue is just covering the basic. I met Dr. Cue awesome person. If you a beginner stick to a$150 cue an under. As you progress you can move up. Shot making is of course a major part of the game so is understanding it. You can a be a good shot maker and lose to someone who is a mediocre shot maker that has a better understanding of the game. I currently play with a Joss Cue that was bought very slightly used for 150 and I am thinking about a Tiger Shaft.

  22. crrazyy says:

    agree, better then most house cues. I got a $15 cue with Guiness logos on it… ooh yeah =D LOL — Happy saint patricks day!

  23. bigdaddyofaz says:

    I got a old dufferin sneaky pete does the job love it wish I could get another plays the way I like. sucks when Im drinking though always mix it up with the house stick that I grab to break with.

  24. xReinhartx says:

    Whats the average price for a decent starting cue stick?

  25. teckdecker15 says:

    lol my bumper fell of mine so replaced it with a beer bottle cap then after that fell off i put a new rubber bumper on it

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