APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 22: Suggested 9-Ball Breaking Position

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 22 Suggested 9-Ball Breaking Position – 9-Ball players have a better chance of running out if they can spread the balls on the break and make a ball in the process. Learning this suggested and high percentage angle of entry to the one ball assures the best opportunity for game victory and enjoying this fast paced game even more — a simple concept with amazing results!!

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  1. poolshooter2007 says:

    Cue ball position good, but your hit is dead wrong. Must keep cue ball in middle of table after break.

  2. videoaccess001 says:

    Agreed. A little low on the cue ball and stop it in the middle of the table. Positioning after break.

  3. sharpie2178 says:

    looks like he hit it a little to low. He drew it back there it didnt get hit back there

  4. antigay7 says:

    you guys are telling a legend how to play!?!
    u guys suck

  5. soeljams says:

    Dr. Cue was incorrect in saying that you cannot win 9-ball on the break in the APA. The APA rulebook clearly states that you Can win on the break so long as no foul is committed.

  6. BF2TJShorty says:

    yeah good theory there, but execution wasnt that good

  7. XHopeDecaysX says:

    Making the 9 on the break is a win, logically.

    You can hit the 1 – 9, if the 9 goes in, it’s win. Why would it be any different?

  8. Trakatero says:

    Acording to APA rules, if you make the 9 on the break you win the table, but only 2 points, remember in APA the game is about points, so why would you want to only get 2 points if you can get good position to run the table and get more points…

  9. mtszabo says:

    @Trakatero: True, but if you’re doing all the breaking, your opponenet isn’t getting any ponts…

    But I agree, it’s better to play for position in 9-ball… unless you’re Dr. Cue.

  10. misctube says:

    Wow Dr. Cue! I met and played a game with him once 😀 He lives in Cloverdale, ten mins away from my alma mater 😀 ~misctube

  11. jburkhammer says:

    I started using this break vs off the rail position playing in apa, and I make 1-4 balls each time and get ok position usually, helped me point up alot, as well as spreading the balls more. perfect for my game, when you make 4 balls on your first break it seems to get your opponent off balance and pressures him to catch up, forcing errors. I am loving it!! thanx doc!!!

  12. ihcug90 says:

    i have also started using this break and been pretty consistent with making a ball in and having ok position. great little advantage for my game

  13. madrack1 says:

    TO SOELJAMS About the 9 on the break, A win of the game, Yes… 9 on the break patch also, In the APA As long as you don’t scratch But you only got 2 points that game you didn’t win your match until you reach your points of your skill level which is 14 for a 1 to 100 for a 9 so NEXT GAME….! RACK EM…!

  14. malefactoredpunk says:

    because your going to get the table and be able to break again.

  15. bandit7498 says:

    @soeljams I think he was getting at the bigger picture. It wins the rack but it doesn’t win the match. You have to reach your designated points per your handicap to win the match.

  16. CYMACGoSu says:

    APA/Point Rules are all fucking stupid. Just saying.

  17. chavezglassworks says:

    it doesn’t say any where that is was for a 9 ball on the break just the way to get the maximum energy into the rack.

  18. madrack1 says:

    Yes exactly, Increasing the maximum energy into the rack Greater increasing your chance to make a ball to stay at the table and possibly making the nine ball on the break that’s the way you should break in 8 ball or 9 ball but 9 on the break 50/50 chance , Depends on the person racking the balls also… RACK EM!!!!!!!!

  19. Kriterian says:

    Where did you get your information?

    Skill level 9’s only need 75 points.

  20. Kriterian says:

    You don’t play for number of “wins” in 9 ball like the pro’s do, where only the 9 ball counts as a win.

    In the APA you play for points, with the 1 – 8 being worth one point each and the 9 being worth 2 pts. If you only made the 9 on the break, you’d get 2 points and the other 8 are dead, which isn’t a win.

  21. TheDarthMorphias says:

    Making the nine on the snap is good, and has a small advantge as well. You get the two points and the break (which in turn may drop more). It has about the same advantage as an early nine. Plus your opponet has to rack once more, which has some mental pressure. Main point to the break is to drop some and spread the rack well. Also a 1 (hdcp) goes to 14 and a 9 (hdcp) goes to 75.

  22. MikeyLittle says:

    No where does he say 9 on the break it is to spread the balls out to help maximize your points after the break which is the point of apa 9 ball.

  23. sixstringindo says:

    why on earth did he place the cue ball on the head rail… that’s only making the opening shot more difficult

  24. Odhinn222 says:

    He might be a legend, but he has his bridge too close for a break shot, not to mention he nearly scratched on the break–I was always taught to try to keep it in the center with the one ball. It didn’t get kicked there either, it just came off the rack straight for the right head pocket.

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