APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 21: Making the 8-Ball on the Break!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 21 Making the 8-Ball on the Break – One of the most beautiful and exciting joys in the game is when you make the 8-ball on the break. The proper striking point of the cue ball on the second ball in the rack…combined with the proper cue ball position…

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  1. nguyentuan1990 says:

    i made it once

  2. ChronicAce910 says:

    If you look at the rack in this first part of the video and the last part when he actually breaks, Its a different rack!!

  3. supmayne1 says:

    Why would “she” say that??

  4. hidemysocks says:

    cause all girls that go pro in pool are most likely lesbos

  5. apaleagues says:

    Yes it is. If you look int he video description w cover exactly what happened.

  6. willfullyobscure says:

    wicked skills. nothing like time in to show the results.

  7. DrunkenZelot says:

    well OBVIOUSLY he forgets to mention that it’s not an easy thing to do but if u follow his tips it can increase ur chances of doing it.

  8. DrunkenZelot says:

    as have i.. sadly though it wasn’t for the APA league i’m in. i’m still waiting for my first 8OB in APA

  9. medfordmel says:

    Tom Rossman is known as “Dr. Cue,” and he is probably best known for his regular appearances on ESPN’s “trick shot Magic” competitions. One common trick shot involves shooting a ball to the opposite rail, and catching it in a cup. So this is a much-practiced maneuver for him. I’m sure it’s not easy, but he does make it look easy.

  10. MarkOates says:

    I thought you had to hit the lead ball in the rack. Isn’t hitting the second ball back an illegal break?

  11. Busher50 says:

    i thought you lose if you pot the 8 ball first

  12. lesduffy says:

    8 on the break = win. Also, you can hit the second ball down if you prefer. You don’t have to hit the first ball.

  13. Eurovisionlukefan says:


  14. ondfritz2 says:

    I used to use this break, but hadn’t used it in a while so before going out to play pool this weekend I watched this video for a refresher. First game of the night I made the eight on the break! The last game of the night I did it again! Twice in one night!

  15. s8fenix says:

    @MarkOates Im pretty sure that what your talking about is 9 Ball.

  16. Poolessons says:


  17. hotcarl666 says:

    I played in a tournament a few months back. There were wear marks in all of the 25 tables going from the second diamond to the second ball back in the rack. It was unbelievable how many people do that break.

    A guy broke that way against my teammate and made the 8, I played the game after and hit the lead ball from just left of the head spot and made the 8.

    I’ve witnessed a guy making the 8 three racks in a row. That’s impressive.

  18. Traceurb says:

    all females should have a tight rack,lol

  19. rewriteny1 says:

    Dr. Cue is the man!

  20. ImperialPerfection says:

    thank you dr. cue

  21. Fubsjr says:

    Do you put any english on the ball at all?? because when i do this i sometimes scratch in the corner pocket

  22. capodencia85 says:

    I’ve always wondered why the ball leaves the table when I try to make the eight on the break and now I know thanks Dr. Cue.

  23. littlesniper07 says:

    Tom is a great guy! Weather he is in comp or just doing a show, he is nothing less then a perfect gentleman. Thank you Tom and the apa for all of your wonderful tips. “Keith O’Dell Sr”

  24. Dracapalley says:

    …erm… his break potted the 8 ball… :S

  25. Mpftmead says:

    So badass! Trying this now!

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