APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 20: Stroke Practice With Barrier Training!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 20 Stroke Practice With Barrier Training – Developing a straight stroke means that the muscle memory of the stroking movement must be trained to go straight. The diamonds on the rail tops provide a natural method of doing this. In addition, a unique “barrier” technique for conditioning the proper muscle memory of a topflight stroke can help tremendously. A few minutes a day with either of these stroke enhancers will assure a higher degree of shot success and game victory!

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  1. minyman808 says:

    this often happens to me

  2. videoaccess001 says:

    The most common problem for people. The front hand can get pretty shaky too.

  3. Vwashk says:

    thanks great idea.

  4. RSPM says:

    A lapse in concentration can also mess up your stroke (throwing elbow in or out, or dropping shoulder, especially).

  5. heffson says:

    i used to mouth of a water bottle to straighten my stoke. it wroked great

  6. Dunleavy29 says:

    I masturbate all the time so my shot is perfectly aligned.

  7. stevo18ck says:

    figures a duke fan would say some shit like that

  8. Dunleavy29 says:

    How do you know im a duke fan?

  9. vokuhilahorst says:

    i love his case!

  10. mo2cros says:

    i am immune to all imperfections.

  11. rockyraccoon says:


  12. instereovideos says:

    Dude looks just like fast eddie.

  13. gluecement says:

    Yeah! That was a very, very strote.

  14. innostreammp3 says:

    ur arm should be stuck to your body like a glue and ur elbow free and only the lower half of your arm should move back and forth making “tick’tock” movements only.. for a perfectly straight stroke..

  15. Joeskateapool says:

    the Doc is a legend,I am gonna get better from these

  16. aby0ni says:

    he looked embarrassed when he said “according to dr que’,

  17. berylman says:

    Thanks for the advice Dr. Cue! I am working on improving my admittedly crappy stroke and found this helpful.

  18. innavoigus says:

    great tip!!!!!!!!!!!!

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